Day 67 of walking

I forgot our tax appointment is this Saturday, so now I’m scrambling. Honestly, I would be scrambling even if I didn’t forget. Looking back on the last few weeks, I don’t know where I could have fit it in. I feel like I’m always trying to catch up, always moving on to the next project. I thought disconnecting from social media would free me up and give me more time, but I feel as time-starved as ever. I don’t want to believe that this is how life just is. That doesn’t sound right. Surely there is something I am doing wrong, or something I need to stop doing.


Day 66 of walking

Years ago, after our fourth failed attempt at getting something to grow in our narrow side planters, I told the Mister to plant Easter lilies. I noticed that midcentury homes in our area with original landscaping all had Easter lilies in the north-facing beds. It worked out well. The Easter lilies require little to no upkeep.

The Easter lilies will bloom right before Easter, and that got me thinking on my walk about how amazing it is that Easter lilies come up right before Easter, which got me thinking about the history of words and how God provides us what we need when we need it. For example (I was still thinking), when we are most susceptible to colds and flus, citrus is in season. The watery fruits of summer keep us hydrated. This got me thinking that everything and everyone has a purpose, which then got me thinking…wait a minute…those are Calla lilies, not Easter lilies. Bummer.

The post I was writing in my head as I walked crumbled like a house of cards. “Stick to the story about why we planted lilies,” I thought.

Late nights on Tuesdays

Day 66 of walking

I mentioned that Tuesdays are my long days back when I was posting on Instagram. Not much has changed. Anyone working in Catholic education has to complete a 6 month course in Theology (a religious certification, of sorts) and my class meets on Tuesday evenings. Since I get to work at 7:15 every morning, the evening classes can be a little rough. My focus is waning by that point in the day.

I do love the class. Every time I attend or do the homework, I’m reminded how little I know. The class inspires me to read more, learn more, and grow more. Tuesday aren’t all bad.

Yay! (The Weekend + Monday)

Day 63, 64, and 65 of walking

Mikey won first place for his subject (science) at the Academic Junior High Decathlon! The student I coached in literature also placed 1st! Yay!! Our school didn’t place high enough as a team to move on to state, but that’s A-OKAY with me. I’m thrilled to see six months of work come to an end.

The picture in the middle is in front of my neighbor’s house. Of course she pulled up while I was taking it. I played it off and said I took the picture because her beds was so pretty. It is pretty–I wouldn’t have taken the picture otherwise–but my aim was to document my walk. The thought of trying to explain how I track my walks seemed like way too much effort, so I complimented her on her beds and pretended to be surprised when she told me it was just cheap lantana.


Day 62 of walking

I wrote a long post about social media and why I removed myself from the fray, but I deleted it before hitting publish. I decided John F. Kennedy explained it better when he said that “[t]oo often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

Never did I imagine missing the days of cloud pictures and latte art, but I here I sit, longing for a heavily filtered cumulus. The world needs foamy leaves, decaf, stat. (And critical thinking skills.)

Last week, after scrolling past my 341st #shepersisted tattoo, I wished out loud for a way to share my walk pictures without having to deal with Instagram. “If only there was a way for me to write without the hassle of social media,” I lamented.

It took me a few minutes to remember blogging existed. So much for my critique of everyone else’s critical thinking skills.

I’m back to blogging regularly, which I’m so happy about. I’ll be posting my walk pictures Monday through Friday. My hope is that once I get back into the routine of writing again, I’ll do more of that, too. I’m rusty!



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