Happy, Happy

I started the week determined to make it great. I’m ending it committed to making the next one even better. These are some of the things that made me happy.

:: On Saturday the Mister had the stomach flu, so we stayed home. He slept, I read, and the boys played. All in all, a good day. Probably better for me and the boys than him.

:: Sunday was Easter, and Mikey earned rave reviews for his Easter Mass solo. Then, we got to spend the day with my youngest brother, his wife, and my cherub of a niece, Gabby. Isn’t she adorable? I want to bite her.

:: Thanks for being there on Monday.

:: Tuesday was a relief, though I don’t remember much of it.

:: The boys used their Easter money from their grandparents at Barnes and Noble on Wednesday. Mikey noticed some of the Legos were priced incorrectly, so he (of course) stood in the customer service line to voice his outrage. “Um, yes. Hello! These Legos are $29.95, and these same Legos are $69.95. That doesn’t make any sense. They are the same thing and, you know, they’re made from plastic? $69.95 is a totally ridiculous price for plastic. I hope $29.95 is the right price!” They were, but as Mikey explained to the associate, “Unfortunately, that’s still more than my budget.” I love his confidence.

:: On Thursday Mikey made me a Psalm. I swear, I don’t make this stuff up. This is really how he is. Belinda and I are assuming the fellow on the right is none other than the devil.

:: I’ll be spending Friday enjoying the last day of Easter vacation and looking for an optometrist for Mikey. I think he might need glasses!

:: On Saturday we are doing makeup pictures at Nicholas’s preschool (don’t ask) and on Sunday we are going to church and then trying out a new brunch place with my parents. They are obsessed with brunch.

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  1. says

    There is entirely too much goodness in this post! Those cheeks! Nothing like a whole lot of cuteness dressed in Easter finery. And Mikey! The escapades at B & N–his psalm (although, for some reason I now have “there’s a devil on the right,” to the tune of Bad Moon Rising, looping through my head)

    Too much . . .

  2. Susan G says

    Oh my – that face! Those cheeks!! What a doll!

    I do so love to read about your children. Kudos to Mikey for (a) noticing, (b) speaking up, and (c) feeling confident enough to say it wasn’t in his budget. He appears to have more self-confidence than I ever had – that will serve him well in life. So glad he did well with the solo – and that psalm is unbelievably precious and pure. You are giving him such a good solid foundation.

    I really needed to read this today. Two nights ago a boy in Rachel’s (9th grade) class killed himself. :( A happy, funny boy with lots of friends – in band and sports. What could possibly have been so bad? And how sad his friends and family are. I can barely stand to think about it. As a parent I wanted to hear that he’d shown all kinds of signs and the uncaring people around him ignored them all, not that there was no indication that he was anything but a happy normal 14-year-old. :( Sorry to be depressing, just needed to talk about it.

  3. Susan G says

    They are sure, although I don’t know why. It’s being kept quiet how it happened. It’s been a tough few months at that school – the girls who posted the racist you tube video that went viral, then a bomb threat a few weeks ago, and now this. Which is of course far more tragic for him than anyone, but still – those kids have had some tough life lessons recently. It’s her first year in public school and I just want to put her back in the little safe happy bubble of her prior school.

    • says

      I worry about Mikey going to public school for high school (I just don’t see how we can afford the high school tuition for both boys), but at the same time I want him to go to step outside the bubble. Time will tell how it goes. There are hard and tragic experiences everywhere for kids, whether they are in private school or not. :(

      • Susan G says

        It is so hard to watch your kids go through things – it’s double the pain, your own and theirs. The thing that felt so safe about private school (which we were fortunate to be able to do, as we were zoned for the worst schools in the county, living in an old neighborhood and not a newer suburb) was the smallness. We knew all the kids (not that they were all perfect) AND we knew their families. Both girls went there and so we were part of the place for 14 years. I’m VERY happy with the school Rachel attends and the program she is in, but it makes her world bigger and consequently more complicated. (Just wait until the day you drop your 14yo off at a school where there are boys with beards!!)

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