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The First 30 Days

Yesterday was my 34th day of the project. I have walked every single day of those 34 days, and no one is more surprised than I am. I do feel stronger. I have not lost weight. In fact, my pants feel tighter around my calves. I’m trying not to freak out about the fact I may be developing Popeye legs. I walked 4 miles on the 30th day of the project and reached 10,000 steps that day, but I also ran a bunch of errands. So, in order to reach the 10,000 step goal suggested by most health experts, I have to walk 4 miles every day plus errands. It seems impossible now, but maybe by the end of the year 10,000 steps won’t seem like a big deal.

Reading the Bible remains enjoyable. I went to Catholic school for 13 years, so it’s not like I’m completely unfamiliar with the book. Reading it as an adult, though, is such a different experience. The Bible really is a book for fallible adults. As a child, I missed all the messages on possessions, fear, hope, and faith because my biggest concern at age 8 was whether my parents would let my have a Ken doll. My priest calls the Bible the Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Reading it as I am, I realize he’s right.

Last Thursday, when I thought I was going to have to find $3,000 to replace our sewer line, I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it until I had to, and until I had to, I would catch up on my Bible reading. I’ve never done that before, and it was nice. Months ago Mikey watched a cartoon with zombies. He was so freaked out that he couldn’t sleep. He finally got up and read his Action Bible for a while until he calmed down. “It helps me to stop freaking out, mom.” He’s right.

The gratitude list…it’s impossible. It’s hard for me to remember to do it, and I guess I’m just a naturally cautious, anxious person who spends her days waiting for the other shoe to drop. I still do it, hoping for that powerful change everyone keeps talking about. The other day I figured out that I bought tickets for a conference on the same day as Mikey’s 1st communion. I was all frazzled and upset until I forced myself to look at my scheduling snafu differently. In my gratitude journal for that day I wrote: “I am lucky to have a full and eventful life.”

Other People (Say What?)

I have always encouraged people to join me in whatever project I’m doing, and 365 is no different. For a while there, I didn’t think anyone would. I forgot to check the tags on instagram and when I did…there were people using it! What?! So flattered and happy! Thank you.

Here are some of the regulars…


I know Emily from AYSO. She and Andrea had baby boys on the same day!

MrsSoup 3

Mrs. Soup is like me: slow and steady wins the race. Park far, do something physical every day. Including the kids is a bonus.


RedHenJen’s pictures are so gorgeous! I take a picture of the same hillside every week from different angles. She seems to find something beautiful every 10 feet.

Rena 3

Rena runs, which is something I hope to do one day! The first picture has nothing to do with 365. I just thought she looked pretty and stylish. Every now and then she runs 4 miles. Mercy!

Mabell 3

Mabell is another runner, another amazing landscape/nature instagrammer. Her profile says she shares slices of her West Coast life. West Coast?! It’s not California, and it is certainly not the Inland Empire! (It’s Vancouver, I believe.)

Shaina 3

Shaina. Poor, poor Shaina was my latest smartphone victim. When I saw that people were using the #365body tag, I started commenting and asking if I could use their pictures for this post. Shaina–who has supported every single hairbrained idea I’ve had here, by the way–was one of the people I tagged. Unfortunately, I didn’t write “Can I use this picture for a post?” No. Instead, I wrote, “Can you use this picture in a post?”


I am positively mortified.

How she didn’t think I was the most arrogant, presumptuous person on the planet is a mystery. Actually, she may very well think that, but as of today she hasn’t said anything. I just can’t even with the embarrassment. I just…gah. She emailed me back and was like, “Um, okay? Sure? I just did it!” (Please go read her post. It’s wonderful. I’m impressed with how far she and her wife walk and jealous of the their nature trails. Oh, and that their pup is young and healthy enough to go on walks.)

You know who is laughing right now? Anyone who has ever received a text from me. Ever. I’m horrible. I’m not great at it and really should be using my glasses to proof read what I send out. It would save me a lot of embarrassment, and Shaina wouldn’t have to write last minute blog posts.

Exhibit 773:


Jules Kendall writes about books, family, and easygoing simplicity.


  1. says

    Auto-correct Fails are the best when the word it changes completely alters the meaning of the message. I do not consider you an arrogant nor a presumptuous person. Especially not the most on the planet, LOL. I will continue to support your hair-brained ideas. I love jumping on the early bandwagons. They generally have less people and I get tense in big crowds 😉

    Congrats on 4 miles! Woot woot! Did you feel great? Like, Holy Crap I just DID THAT!? ‘Cause that’s how I feel whenever we exceed a previously set distance and/or pace.

    Your mention of how the Bible stories calm Mikey reminded me of a discussion I was having with Sweetie about rosaries. My nephew’s First Communion ceremony is coming up in a few months and she was wondering aloud what kind of gift you bring to that sort of thing – or if you do at all. I told her I received a rosary from my grandparents and a small ring (and the dress – but I didn’t really consider that a gift as much as torture, lol) from my parents. I think she was a bit surprised that an 8 yr old would like a rosary, or that there were so many styles to choose from. I told her it helped me calm down. The repetitive prayers were a great way to keep my brain quiet and not allow room for whatever crap was freaking me out. And I got freaked out alot, LOL

    Keep it up on the gratitude journal. What you’re aiming for is that moment when you don’t have to force yourself to see a situation differently – and that takes a long time for someone who’s natural instinct is to get frazzled. As long as you’re not faking it (writing down the alternate way of looking at things but not *really* believing it) then you’ll get there.

  2. says

    Keep being grateful. For everything. I promise that it changes your perspective (as you have already experienced), but I also promise that after 2+ years of list keeping, there are still days when I struggle to find one thing. And then I find it. I remember I’m breathing. I remember that I’m not dying of a brain tumor like a man in our church. I remember that I have toilet paper, clean water, indoor plumbing, a good smelling soap from Bath & Body Works. I remember that I am blessed. Keep going – you’re doing great!

  3. says

    Four miles, that’s like, a million kilometres, right? That’s ~6.5km! Crazy pants, well done. 10K steps is ~8km (5 miles), and while it is a tough goal to meet, I bet in a couple of months you’ll be shrugging it off as commonplace. Don’t worry about the weight (yes, I know, as if…), just keep concentrating on the walking and getting lots of fluids, the exercise is by far the most important thing. The walkingsite.com has some really good tips for walking, I’ve been referencing it, and am working on getting my speed/distance up.
    It is fantastic seeing other folks’ pictures! (I can’t get Mabel’s link to work). Lovely that there are others on the journey, you’re doing something really great here.
    So glad I don’t have a cell phone, I can barely communicate verbally, auto-correct would be a terrible nemesis.

    • says

      Oh, good grief. I forgot to include you in my round up! Oh well. Next time I will pull something from Facebook and brag that you have walked every day–even with the stomach flu!

      p.s. I don’t know what is going on with Mary Ann’s instagram link. It didn’t work for me, but then I refreshed and it did. Maybe it’s an instagram bug or something.

      • says

        No worries, no accolades necessary, just happy to end my day knowing that I’ve achieved this one goal of walking daily. Did I tell you already that I’ve given up TV/Movies/Netflix for February? Running an experiment to see if I get more done and feel better rested…so far I haven’t slept great, but I think that was the flu. Really hoping to get more done in the evenings.
        The link is working now! Thanks.

  4. Mary Ann says

    Great post … and thanks for including me! I am, indeed, in Vancouver. North Vancouver, to be exact. I live on the bank of a mountain (sounds more exotic than it is … it just means that from everywhere to my house is up a HUGE hill!), and am 10 minutes from the forest. I loved that you called me a runner, as I would never in a million years call myself that! I am a new runner … and have signed up (like a crazy person) to run/walk a 1/2 marathon in May. A friend’s 3 year old son was diagnosed with cancer last summer, so a group of us are running in his name (he just finished chemo and all looks good … fingers crossed). I figured that if he can go through the hell that is cancer treatment, I can get off my @ss and run! Anyway … thanks for the inspiration, Jules … I love the idea of 365Body!!

  5. says

    Love it! Thank you for sharing my story too…it’s been amazing how much of a factor in my mind where I park is. Like I walked to lunch a couple blocks away instead of just driving. BOOM! Magic!

  6. says

    Looks like you started a little movement! :) Good advice on that bible reading, I could use some grounding over here as well and I’ve got reading the bible on my Day Zero list. Perhaps I should follow your lead and start leafing through. Loved all the pictures of everyone getting their walk on – thanks for sharing!

  7. Jennifer says

    This is such a wonderful post. Thank you. It is so inspiring and encouraging. It feels like a giant hug and high five all in one. I am so thankful and grateful for being a part of this. Congrats on walking 34 days in a row and 4 miles!! AMAZING! I feel so proud when I get in two miles. Baby steps, I tell myself. I SO much appreciate your comments regarding my IG feed (redhenjen). As an artist and high school art teacher, I am always intrigued about how others perceive my art work.

    I walk a similar route almost every day and feel an internal creative struggle of what to photograph, especially in the dead of winter (so cold, so bare, so gray, so blah). I’ve been toying with new editing apps which is a wonderful inspiration and challenge. Thank you for making me look deeper, making me move, and for making me realize that I am honoring what is good in the world around me.

  8. says

    Great post! I love the switch of words you did. Hilarious. Totally reminded me of That Thing You Do when he meets his musical role model and says “You are my biggest fan.” So funny. Thanks for including me! :)

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