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I used to dislike it when bloggers used cell phone pictures in their posts. I didn’t think the quality was all that great, and I missed the crisp, clean shots. When I got my iphone last year, I was dismayed to see how many cell phone pictures were creaping into the blog. Hypocrisy is so inconvenient!

A few weeks ago–as I uploaded some more cell phone pictures–I told myself that I was going to have to start bringing my camera with me places and make more of an effort. After I gave it some more thought (no one is surprised), I decided I wasn’t going to apologize for cell phone pictures. There is something nice about sharing their grainy imperfections every now and then. It’s a way of saying we did/saw/visited this cool thing because we wanted to, not because it was great blog material.

Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Ahem.


Don’t laugh, but it was cold and windy in southern California this week. Our driveway had patches of ice! Ice! I mean, come on. That is cold for my neck of the woods. I have never been so grateful for chapstick and a warm house in my life. The wind wrecked my lips on my walk, and my poor water intake didn’t help. The feeling of a mentholated lip balm first hitting your cracked lips should be sold in baggies on street corners.


My friend has the best job ever. She is an architectural historian, which means she surveys potential historical sites, identifies and preserves historic landmarks, and consults with cities, institutions, and even private parties when something of potential historic significance is discovered. She was recently contacted by a university that stumbled upon some items of interest while excavating the property to construct a road. She had the boys over for a history lecture and some show-and-tell before she turned everything back in with her report. The boys loved it, and so did I.

Also, it was my 13th wedding anniversary!


Years ago I tried to read Harry Potter to Mikey. I almost ruined the entire series for him! I got a little carried away with Voldemort’s cackle, and that was the end of that mother-son moment. He had nightmares for weeks and never again wanted to even talk about the books. He picked them back up over the weekend, and by Wednesday he was finished with book one. He is now on book 2!


Andrea are so close to announcing the next Craft Cabinet! We are looking at Orange County in March. Who’s in? I was able to knock quite a few items off that to-do list, and it felt great.

My future astronaut, Mr. Nicholas, got a real kick out of this video.


The Mister had been out of town all week and he comes home today! I got a nice text from him on our anniversary and talked to him every day, but it will be nice to have him home. Nicholas can’t wait to tell him he lost his first tooth!

At some point after Nicholas goes to bed, Mikey and I are going to watch the first Harry Potter together! We have a rule around here–no movie or licensed toy until you have read the book. Now that he’s finished book 1, it’s movie time! We’re both so excited!

The Weekend

I’m finally taking my quilting class on Saturday! Other than that, all we have planned is a birthday party for our niece. Awesome.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Missie says

    Having seen Harry Potter & The Hunger Games movies, post reading the books, I found the movies to be such a disappointment. (the kid’s acting in HP is horrible) I didn’t expect to have that reaction. I felt like those who hadn’t read the books were cheated of really getting to know the characters and the stories of how they got where they are. The emotion wasn’t there at all. I think I’ll stick with the books (and my imagination) from now on! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Kathie says

    A few bloggers I read have an occasional “cell phone dump” post, and I really enjoy those! Just for the reasons you stated – slice of life, we were here and did this. I don’t think you should give it a second thought..or third, or eighth, whichever you’re up to now. 😉

    (P.S. Not seeing the link to the Astronaut Nicholas video ?)

  3. Kirsten says

    Happy Happy Anniversary, HP, and I can’t wait to hear how quilting goes!! For the tedious parts – there may be some – get a good long audiobook to listen to!

  4. Melissa says

    I think I’m embracing your rule about reading the book first before movie or toy. That sounds like a great idea!

  5. says

    My girl is almost 11 and started reading Harry Potter right around Mikey’s age. It has become less a book than an official lifestyle around our house, such is her level of obsession. It is cooling *somewhat* but is still very strong. She has read all the books many, many times over, as have her Potter pals at schools. (Leaving us mom’s complaining, “seriously, you have X new book, and you’re reading that AGAIN?”) Many times we’ve had to scold her to ease up on the HP babble at the dinner table.

    All of which is to say….I hope Mikey loves them just as much. And also, be careful what you ask for! 😉

  6. Lisa in Seattle says

    Wow, what a week! Happy anniversary to you and your Mister. I actually like this photo for this narrative kind of post – it’s very dreamy and cinematic, like a Merchant Ivory film. (Although I must confess that I have a really lousy monitor and thought it was a pic of a baking experiment gone horribly wrong.) I have to disagree about your friend’s job, though. The best job in the world would be feeding grapes to Red Pandas. But I am willing to concede that your friend’s job is second best. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm! We’ve had a week of freezing fog up here with nighttime lows in the 20s. For those of you who aren’t familiar with freezing fog, it is fog that freezes, which is about as much fun to deal with as you might imagine when you have to get up early to go to work. Soldier on!

  7. says

    Happy Anniversary!
    My girl read the Potter series, and then watched the movies, and I was really, really nervous about letting her watch (even read for that matter) the last couple of books, but she flew through them, eating them up like candy. She’s just finishing Lord of the Rings, and honestly, she’s not watching the trilogy. Nope. Maybe that old cartoon one though. Not even the Hobbit (which she read right be LOR). It is hard when they’re hungry for reading, and love a good movie, but I’m just not down with the violence on film.
    That all being said, I did think Prime Minister Harper Gangnam style, was hilarious (Canadian self-mockery always brings a smile to my face).

  8. Susan G says

    So glad Mikey is finding his way into HP land. My older daughter is the age of the characters, so she actually grew up with them. Both girls have read them multiple times, and we’ve watched the movies several times as well. It’s true they are not overall as good as the books, but I actually liked them and grew to like the three kids as well. Plus – Alan Rickman (Snape is absolutely my favorite character) – Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Helen Bonham Carter – I think there are some moments in the movies that are treasures.

  9. says

    I must admit, I’m a tad jealous that I missed out on the whole to-do with an architectural historian–so fun!

    And very Merry Un-Anniversary to you. May you fall more in love with each passing year . . . xoxo

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