Happy, Happy

A challenging week, a productive week. I’m finishing it stronger and smarter, and that makes me happy. I also want to close out the year on a positive note, so, here we go!


I wrote that post and broke two of my cardinal rules in blogging: (1) never write a post angry, (2) never publish a post I’ve just finished writing. Thank you for being tolerant of my aggressive tone and somewhat difficult to follow point. Even those who disagreed with me did so in a way that fostered more conversation. Thank you for being so civilized while the gorilla tossed around feces.


I woke up with a load off my chest. The Mister started his vacation and ran errands with me–really boring ones–just so we could hang out. Later, he dropped me off at home and picked up the boys from school for me.


One of my struggles with the Newtown shootings is the feeling of guilt I have for being so lucky, so remarkably untouched. In the comments a reader left me a link to this post by Brené Brown, and it had such an impact on me.


I had ice cream for breakfast. It was glorious.


I asked on Facebook and Twitter if anyone was doing 365 projects next year. I have some ideas, and thanks to input and suggestions from you, I have a slowly forming idea of what I am going to do.

This weekend is choir, choir, choir. Christmas for people in choir means practice, practice, and more practice so the kids can sing at this mass, this mass, and that mass. Christmas is, like, their Super Bowl.

Have a happy, happy weekend, everyone!

Jules Kendall writes about books, family, and easygoing simplicity.


  1. Phaedra says

    I never once thought of you as a gorilla flinging feces, but nice visual this morning! LOL
    The Brene Brown book is on my iPod and it’s regularly a great reminder for me to embrace my life and all the blessings I have, big and small.
    Can’t wait to hear about 365 project. Fun times ahead!

  2. Susan G says

    Thanks for the link – I love this: “When you honor what you have, you’re honoring what I’ve lost.”

    Have a beautiful holiday!

  3. says

    Jules-I really liked your blog post. It was from the heart (the one you wrote when you were tossing around feces oh gorilla 😉 )…it was REAL. I get tired of these blogs where everything is so perfect. No one is angry. No one is..negative. It’s like blogsphere can become stepfordsphere in a heartbeat and no one would even notice. I think real is refreshing sometimes. Would I want to read a negative, Debbie-downer blog all the time? No, but that was very righteous indignation/anger if you will….we should be angry when small children are gunned down for the crime of….GOING TO SCHOOL. It is sick. And you got it out….((HUGS)) lady! And by the way, gorilla throwing feces??? Really?? You crack me up!

    • says

      100% agree with Cara! I had no prob with your post whatsoever. I also have a hard time with the folks who say ‘don’t personalize’ what happened — I see their point in the abstract but really, if we DON’T personalize what happened, who are we as a people? We need to protect all of our kids and I think that’s been the kicker about this tragedy — it easily could have been any of us. I think we all should be taking this personally. The next time, it could be one of us. I don’t want there to be a next time.

      • says

        Some people have told me not to dwell on it. I sort of want to dwell on it because I don’t want it to fall into a pile of news like every other thing does, to be forgotten until it happens again, and we smack ourselves on the forehead and say “when are we going to learn?”. The stabbing that happened in my neighborhood 2 weeks ago? Oh yeah, what ended up happening with the victim and the perpetrator? Heck if I know because we forget. I don’t want to forget this time.

  4. says

    Oh yah, and even though I didn’t really “do” the project last year (the name all of a sudden escapes me but the premise does not…have nothing that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful) it is constantly in my head if I think of buying something or keeping it vs throwing it away!!!! I need to do one of those kind of projects. I think I just get nervous that if I throw stuff away…what will be left? :/ Hoarder much?

  5. says

    OMG & LOL @ “Christmas is, like, their Super Bowl.”

    Which brought a hindsight analogy of my grade school choir: If Christmas was the Superbowl then funerals were like exhibition games.

    I know a lot of people groan at the mention of a Catholic funeral, wedding, or Christmas service but I love them (even though I’m no longer a practicing Catholic). Well, not so much the weddings. I still think those take a special kind of patience to get through. But between the organ and the angelic choirs at funerals and Christmas services, I don’t even notice how long it lasts.

  6. linda says

    One thing I like about you (besides all your obvious greatness!) Is that you keep introducing me to all these wonderful people. I really enjoyed the link to Brene Brown’s post. Keep being Happy, Happy. It makes me happy!

  7. Lu says

    Thanks as always for writing honestly and for looking for the good in this tough week. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Looking forward to hearing more of the 365 project.

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