How to Organize a Bottom Freezer

Short answer: No clue.

When the Mister and I were first married, stainless steel refrigerators were just coming into style. Appliances like stoves and ovens, I think, were still white. If they came in stainless steel, they were probably expensive and definitely not included in our new, builder basic 1100 square foot home. We bought a white side-by-side refrigerator, a Kenmore, and for the life of me I can’t remember what we did with it when we moved. We might have given it to a friend.

When we moved to this house, our standard size refrigerator dwarfed the room. We had to buy something counter depth if we planned to use the kitchen for activities like cooking, standing, and opening cabinets. I was thrilled. By God, this time I was going to have a fancy food cooler right off the runway, or where ever it is they reveal newly designed appliances. We bought a stainless steel French door/armoire refrigerator, which we now affectionately refer to as “that thing that blows.”

“Worst decision ever” for short. I’m sure many of you have a similar refrigerator, and I am sure many of you adore your bottom freezer. You’re crazy. Kidding! (AM I?)

Armoire refrigerators look nice. Theoretically, you have more room up top to store large trays of food. It’s nice to have all your food at eye level and if you have a narrow kitchen, like me, the small doors are a must. That said, this fridge gives me the fits.

    1. The left door never closes. You have to firmly shut the door; swinging it closed isn’t enough. We had to set the alarm to alert us when the door is open after we woke up to a thawed refrigerator one morning. None of the other refrigerators I’ve owned have come with doors alarms. Why? Because the doors shut.
    2. Although the width up top is nice, the counter depth never allows me to store much. I feel like I am always shifting things around to get a good fit.
    3. In order to see anything in the fridge or access the food, I have to open both doors. That wouldn’t be a problem if one of the doors shut properly.
    4. The freezer. My God, the freezer.

The bottom drawer is too deep to remain tidy.

The top drawer? The top drawer isn’t a top drawer. It’s a large basket (with an ice maker) that sits on two ledges. You slide the basket (and ice) along the ledges. No tracks, no rails. Just ledges. It doesn’t take a physicist to realize what will happen to the contents of a large, heavy basket allowed to slide on plastic ledges. The basket swings left or right depending on the hand you use. The contents get jostled. Ice always falls to the floor. Always. It’s a pain. So much so, we never slide the basket out. We just blindly pull out or push in food and ice as we need it. Hence, that mess above.

Which ended up on my counter for a super fast 30-minute purge. That’s the good thing about cleaning the freezer. Once you start, it’s not like you can get sidetracked. You’re working under a time constraint. Which brings me, in a round about way, to what I hate most about bottom freezers.

The gunk that collects at the bottom. Note the ice from the sliding basket.

Yes, all freezers collect gunk at the bottom, even side-by-sides. But with side-by-sides, you need only remove the bottom basket to clean it out.

To clean out a bottom freezer–at least mine–you have to take it apart. That’s exactly what I want to do on a rainy Wednesday. #Sarcasm.

I used a broom to sweep out most of the gunk, which I picked up with a dust pan and tossed. Then I scrubbed down the interior and wiped down the top basket.

I wiped down the bottom basket and door, too. As you can see from the condensation forming, I was quickly running out of time. Luckily, I purged all the food first because putting the refrigerator back together almost killed me. Not physically, but I swear it almost broke me mentally. It was just like putting a drawer back in your dresser, only the drawer is twice as wide, three times as tall, and five times as heavy. Getting both sides on the track = total bear. But I did it!

I put all the fruits, vegetables, and random tub of unopened Cool Whip I do not for the life of me know why I own (must have bought it for a recipe?) in the top basket.

On the left bottom basket I have most of my flour. I have another large bag in a refrigerator in the garage. On the right I keep rice and meats, which I admit look meager. I will also keep chicken carcases there, which I save after roasting and then turn into stock.

Many people buy additional baskets to store foods inside their freezers, but I didn’t do that for a couple of reasons. One, I didn’t want to spend the money. Two, my freezer baskets have sloping sides, so if I bought straight-sided baskets I would not be utilizing all the available space.

I know some of you must be wondering what type of refrigerator I would like. Not the side-by-side. I can’t get anything to fit in those, either. This is going to sound crazy, but I really like the good ol’ fashioned top-freezer models. Of course, Smegs are pretty. But even the basic jobs you get at Sears are great, if you ask me. I have one in the garage, and I get so much use from it. The top freezer is much easier to organize and the fridge cabinet itself is cavernous. I feel like I could store a body in there and still have room for pickles. Something the neighbor with the loud music and even louder dog would be wise to consider.

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81 Responses to “How to Organize a Bottom Freezer”
  1. Southern Gal says:

    Finally, an honest review of a freezer on bottom style refrigerator. We have one of those refrigerators except the top is only one door. Yes, about the alarm. Boo about the ice maker design. (My husband says whatever engineer designed that bottom drawer ice maker ought to be fired and never work again!) Luckily, we have a huge freezer my mother-in-law gave us when they got a new one, so the freezer storage problem isn’t that bad around here. But that freezer is HUGE and takes up so much space I was thinking about getting rid of it. Now I’m not so sure. I have only myself to blame since my husband wanted a freezer on top model. I poo-pooed that idea and now look at me. Anyway, I feel your pain.

    • Jules says:

      If our garage wasn’t stuffed like an episode of hoarders thanks to all my William Morris projects, I’d probably use that top freezer almost exclusively. Glad to know I’m not the only one who fell for the pretty. I hear the later models are better, but not that much because my SIL bought one and she can’t stand it, either.

  2. Well that just looks totally impractical. What is with the ice maker in there? Would it have been so hard to make it a separate compartment??

    I have a side-by-side (which I adore aside from the narrow fridge & freezer compartments) and a huge trunk freezer. Oh and we have a tiny fridge just for drinks too. Good grief, we are fridge crazy when I think about it! But you gotta have cold drinks and the little one also helps with holiday overflow. You could definitely hide a few bodies in the trunk freezer. But I think it’s almost necessary to have multiples if you cook at all.

    Here in Germany, you may not even get a freezer at all — or just something that holds about 3 ice cube trays. Now that is frustrating. So when the side-by-sides hit the market here and our old fridge died, I couldn’t have been happier. I think we already had the trunk at that point too. But now I have to finally make myself clean out the trunk freezer because it’s got about 1/2-inch of ice around the side.

    I keep saying I’ll just wait until we’ve eaten more out of the freezer, but since I only halfway know what’s in there now, I guess I’m going to have to break down and just do it! :)

    • Jules says:

      The ice maker in the basket is the most ridiculous thing ever. You can’t move that basket without sending ice everywhere!

      Yes, all of you who live in Europe must hear the American complaints and laugh and laugh and laugh! Europeans have some of the tiniest appliances of all! I don’t feel bad for you, though, because you get to live in Germany. :D xoxo

  3. Ms. Amy says:

    I appreciate the honest review of this fridge design. I’ve coveted one of these, but have always been a smidge doubtful about the freezer layout. This confirms my fears. That being said, I HATED our last top-freezer model (I couldn’t fit in anything larger than a pack of ground beef), and I am not crazy about our current side-by-side.

    • Jules says:

      I would check out the latest model top freezers and see if they’ve made improvements. Same goes for the bottom freezers to, honestly. My fridge is 7 years old, so surely they’ve fired that engineer by now. ;)

  4. Amy says:

    A cautionary tale, my friend, a cautionary tale. And one of which I will most definitely take heed! But the Smegs . . . oh the Smegs! If they have issues, I’m not sure I want to know about them; I mean really, look at them . . . so handsome!

  5. SFDC says:

    So interesting. I have a top freezer model and I can’t stand it. What I use most are fruits and vegetables and they are basically at floor level in two measly cooler bins. I hate having to crouch down to get at the food in the fridge and not having enough storage for the gobs of produce we use, especially in the summer and fall. When I do get myself a new fridge with a bottom freezer, though, I will look carefully at features like ice maker and drawer/basket configuration. Thanks for the warnings!

    • Jules says:

      That’s a good point. I am using the top freezer fridge for storage, so I don’t have to deal with the everyday-ness of a deep and low fridge cabinet.

    • Jeanne says:

      I am late to comment but was sooooo interested in this posting. I have a top freezer model and hate it and was thinking about the next one being a bottom freezer. Now I wonder. I didn’t get it the first time around because I thought the bottom freezer would be a black hole. But top is no better, but perhaps more a function of the person in charge of dealing with contents and purging. Like the previous blogger I hate that I practically kneeling to deal with produce and fruit and the space is teensy. This will take a long look when it is time to buy. I have a GE shallow depth only one who made shallow at the time so I was forced into it. I hate GE appliances. sub-par if you ask me.

      Jules, do you like stainless steel. I have the wooden door on front that matches our cabinets (nice by its own nightmare I won’t bore you with). I keep wondering what will I buy next. The top freezer door does not close well. My daughter just used packing tape on it! A big decision! I was def. headed for the bottom freezer. Glad to hear your view. Clueless about SMEGS. Will have to google. . . ..

  6. Christina says:

    Awww. I’m sorry you don’t like your bottom freezer. I am in love with mine, we got about a year and a half ago and haven’t had any of the problems you mentioned. Maybe you would like a newer version? Our top basket has rollers in a track, as does the bottom/door. All you have to do to clean ours is keep pulling the door until it comes right out (like you would a kitchen drawer). They also really do use a lot less energy since cold air falls, so the fridge isn’t working against itself to keep the top part colder than the bottom like in a top-freezer model.

    As for the organization of it, I do use wire bread baskets. Only the back of my freezer is sloped, so that’s where I put the larger items like meat. Then I nest the baskets in the front, one full of fruit, then one on top of it with veggies, and so on. My fridge and freezer are full of the wire baskets and it makes everything so easy to see, store and clean.

    • Jules says:

      My fridge is 7 years old, so I’m sure they’ve made strides in design since then. (I would hope!) How long do fridges last, anyway? I shouldn’t even be thinking about replacing mine. I have a 13 year-old, top loading washer and dryer to worry about first.

  7. Ris says:

    We have an old fashioned fridge with freezer on top, and it’s still not the best design. I hate that the produce goes all the way at the bottom of the fridge, and that the freezer is just one giant cube, no shelves or anything. If you pile stuff more than one or two items high, it just comes crashing back down at you when you open the door up again. It’s lovely.

  8. Susan G says:

    We bought a side-by-side a couple of years go. There is a very narrow space for the refrigerator so we could only get a top-freezer or the side-by-side. I wasn’t sure I’d like a bottom freezer anyway. The narrowness of what we have makes freezer storage frustrating, but since I am barely over 5 feet tall it does make seeing into both sides better. But I’d stand on tiptoes or a step-stool for a Smeg – red please!

  9. I need to do the 30-minute freezer purge, too, but I do love my bottom freezer. However, mine is a Kenmore full-size, with a single fridge door, and we had the cabinet and wall extended to cover it (it looks nice and built-in, but it isn’t the same depth as the counter). Also, the bottom freezer drawers are solid plastic with a divider(which is adjustable, I think), and the top is a wire basket. No problems in 5 years. I hate side-by-sides, though. Can’t put anything big in the freezer or the fridge, and there are plenty of times that I need space for a large cake or big platters for entertaining. However, I will admit that I like having the old top-freezer fridge in the garage because I can fit entire cookies sheets in there for flash freezing things!

    • Jules says:

      Yes, side-by-sides were a total pain whenever I baked or had parties. The platters never fit.

      That’s good that your bottom freezer isn’t a total piece of junk like mine!

  10. stef says:

    “Modern” appliances REALLY frustrate me. We considered replacing our dishwasher – all the new ones have the same footprint, but hold 3/4 to 1/2 as much as our not terribly old one. Also, they’ve now invented fancy silverware holders that attach onto the door (?), which I don’t understand at all because they hold approximately nothing. Washers & Dryers – every time I’ve used one of the brand new front loading units that cost like $3k, the washer holds 1/2 or less what our old top loader holds, and the dryer takes quite literally 3x as long to dry anything. I see your fridge is equally frustrating. At least it’s now clean!

    I’m beginning to think we’re all being brainwashed by Stainless Steel! and High Efficiency! and Cute Colors! I’d like something old school and basic that’s Not Terribly Expensive! and Just Works!

    • Jules says:

      Exactly. We are brainwashed. New designs are what keeps consumers consuming. I keep wondering what they are going to do next with appliances. I can’t imagine.

  11. Lisa says:

    I just wrote an extremely ranty post about my own fridge that I haven’t published because the post is such a boiling piece of rage–I have fridge that has a door alarm that tells us when the door isn’t shut. Its an extremely sensitive alarm, so much so that an uneven floor will set it off because the door, although shut, is not resting fully on the alarm sensor.

    The alarm will. not. shut. off. EVER. I have been listening to this alarm every ten seconds for months. Every ten seconds, six times a minute, three hundred and sixty times an hour, eight thousand, six hundred and forty times per day. This fridge makes me stabby with rage. We have had multiple Sears techs out, who all say its my fault that the floor is uneven, and this model does not have a way to turn off the alarm manually, and oh well, tough luck.

    I will NEVER buy a fridge from Sears again. It is less than a year old and works perfectly fine, except for the fact that it beeps ALL THE DAMN TIME. We just moved across country so replacing a fridge is not really in our budget. But I look forward to the day I can go Office Space on this POS.

    We used to have a fridge like yours. I agree, cleaning it was a giant pain. I could never get the bottom drawer off so I would take the basket out and squeeze myself into the space to clean it. Now, we have a single door top fridge, bottom freezer DOOR, not drawer. I like the door much better than the drawer (although the beeping still makes this fridge a POS). So much easier to clean.

  12. It’s like bait to mention a Smeg. I love mine. Everyone always wonders how I survive with such a small fridge and large family, but really, I hardly ever notice. Our house came with a giant basement refrigerator which we really only use for the extra freezer space. I would actually like just an auxiliary freezer in the garage, where it was convenient. Convenient=no stairs. All that said, sometimes a friend will get a giant new fancy LED lit refrigerator that has includes a smoke machine for effect when you open the door, and I will wonder if maybe I want a new one….then I go home, and our little pink number reminds me that I don’t. Best decision ever.

  13. May says:

    The first frig we had was from the 1950s ….older than we are. It had pink accents, half circle shelves that spun out so you could approach them form both sides AND a bottom freezer. That was 1985. When we left that house I could barely stand to leave that frig behind.

    Fast forward a decade or two and we moved into our current house where there was a freezer on the bottom frig. Overall I love it except for that whole taking the drawer out to clean. It is so heavy….so heavy…I have a terrible time trying to get it back on the tracks.

  14. Pamelotta says:

    I did a post during the 31 days project last year on cleaning out my bottom freezer drawer. Looks very similar to yours. Apparently, we all have some of the same gripes when it comes to refrigerators. I have the Samsung brand french door model. My door does the same thing yours does. My kids now know to make sure the little foldy thingy on the door is straightened before they close the door. And my ice maker, which on my model is in the top part, is used for storage because the ice maker quit working in the second year. Oh, well. I have a large freezer in my laundry room so I end up not storing very many things in the bottom drawer freezer.

    • Jules says:

      If my little foldy thing is straight, the door won’t close–it bounces back at you. We have to make sure it is face the fridge, then we have to push the door shut firmly so that it stays on the little plastic tracks. Otherwise it gets caught and while the door looks closed, it isn’t. Total PIA.

  15. Pamela says:

    I’m still jealous, my dream is a stainless steel french door refrigerator. So much so that for Christmas I asked for one, but instead my other half got me nice shoes, which was ok too. I have the regular white one that comes with most apartments, it’s ok, but it’s kinda small and well, sorta (very) ugly.

    PS. I found your blog last night while doing my nightly blog crawl on my phone in bed. After reading many pages worth, I told my beau in bed that I wanted pancakes or french fries. He agreed this sounded good. I am hoping to make both in the upcoming days. Now added to the reader! <3

  16. Zakary says:

    We pretty much have the same fridge, the previous owners of our house bought it right before they sold us the house. It is new, so I’m sure we will have it for infinity. The bottom freezer doesn’t bother me. I hate that Troy can open it so easily and sneak popsicles, that’s really my only complaint.

    • Jules says:

      Hah! Nico is more of a granola bar sneaker. Our house is too small, and I can easily hear the roar of that bottom freezer opening and closing.

  17. chrissy says:

    i have a traditional fridge with the freezer on top but i can relate to the mess at the bottom. where does that even come from? but at least it’s a quickie to clean. =)

  18. Karen F says:

    I have a similar fridge/freezer to yours, and any time I organize it, it stays that way for approximately 12.5 seconds. It can only stay reasonably organized if there are 2 items in there!

  19. My mom had a one door refig./bottom freezer for years and I really liked it. I think she has a similar one to what you have right now since they redid their kitchen a couple of years ago. I’ll have to ask her if it blows. :)

    I have never wanted a side by side because they always seemed so much smaller to me. But I now know that there is one exception – Subzero. My current home came with a built in side by side one and it’s very roomy. I am of course terrified of the day it dies. It’s 17 years old this summer and I’m praying it has many more!

    • Jules says:

      It seems like the one door fridge is the way to go. If this fridge ever dies (my luck, never) I’ll have to look into bottom freezers with one door.

  20. Jenn says:

    We too have the same fridge. So far it has been just fine, the freezer baskets are annoying, but not annoying enough to do much about it. The alarm thing is annoying. We’re so used to closing both the doors, but a friend left it open, and we didn’t notice until the beepin’ alarm woke me up at 3am. Argh. Now I check on it before going to bed each night. We have alarms on my work freezers too, and I’d take getting up at 3am and walking down the stairs to the kitchen and closing the door on the fridge, over getting dressed, driving 15 minutes, and discovering a nasty, unspeakable mess of anatomy on the ground any day (that’s probably too much information).
    Good job Jules, another item ticked off that ever decreasing list! :)

    • Jules says:

      Hah! When you put it that way, sure, the alarm isn’t as annoying at home. :)

      Thanks for the atta girl–I just wish we had a bit more money to tackle some bigger projects! I want it all NOW.

      • Jenn says:

        not that i’ve got money for anything except sandpaper and kleenex, but these fridges look purdy…and are made in the usa

        • Jules says:

          Hah!!! That made me laugh out loud. I’ll be sure to steal the phrase in the future. :)

          Those fridges are similar to what I wanted when we remodeled. Maybe even the same ones, just cheaper. All I know is that at the time the fridge I wanted was $5000 and I said, “Of course it is.”

          Anyway, WANT.

  21. Erin K. says:

    Oh, I am so glad to see that you don’t like your armoire fridge. I have wanted one of those for ages. Now I feel better that I don’t have one.

  22. Martha says:

    I looove my bottom freezer fridge, however, I understand why you don’t like yours. I have a few of the same problems, especially with the freezer. I only have one door on top instead of the french doors and it works perfectly. I have owned this fridge for 11 years now and I am planning on buying another one just like it when it is time to do so. I am glad that I read your post because I was considering buying the french doors. I don’t think that I will do that – I appreciate the honesty and advice.

    I love your blog. Thanks for all your posts. : )

    • Jules says:

      Thanks, Martha! :) I often thought I should have bought the single door model. I don’t know why we didn’t…it might not have been available in counter depth or maybe it was outside our budget. I don’t know, but our biggest complaint about our fridge is the poorly closing door and the top basket in the bottom freezer.

  23. Lisa says:

    I used to have a bottom freezer fridge like this two apartments ago, and I hated it too, I felt like nothing ever fit properly and you had to rearrange it every time to find anything! But I really left this comment to say that I am jealous that you have Choco Tacos in your freezer!! ;-)

    • Jules says:

      I bought those Chaco Tacos the other day as part of my “no diet/it’s okay to eat treats” motto. I’ve wanted to try them FOR YEARS but wouldn’t let myself. I was disappointed! Mine weren’t at all crunchy. They were chewy! That doesn’t seem right. Are they supposed to be soft/chewy? They were frozen, not melted.

  24. huzzah! vindication for not buying this model when we got rid of the tan/faux wood handled version that came with the house. i just feel like you can’t get as much in those bottom freezers, and you have to pick up everything to find what you’re looking for. sure, i think these look snazzier and fancier, but when i open my top mounted freezer, i see it all there staring at me, there’s no hunting and shifting.

  25. Rosa says:

    I use plastic boxes stackable storage baskets in my refrigerator and freezer, so I keep veggies in one, meats in another, and they can stack. I would measure your freezer out and see how these various sized stackables can help with keeping certain things compartmentalized. Great job.

    • Jules says:

      I can’t do baskets. I thought about it, but like I mentioned in the post, the fridge baskets have sloping walls, so I would actually be losing space if I used straight wall baskets. I wish! It would be nice to separate stuff.

  26. Kate says:

    First time I’ve ever read your blog was today…the same day my anniversary present arrived, your fridge. Seriously.

  27. Court says:

    We just entered the world of home-owning so we have a gazillion projects to do. Good tips about the fridge though, we have a dinky one and likely would have gotten a big contraption with a bottom freezer for the next one but I may think twice now. I love “the thing that blows.” Ha ha. I’m sure my kids would run out the batteries though, they can’t get enough of fans. I’m not quite sure what that means.

    • Jules says:

      “the things that blows” is actually slang for something that sucks or is terrible. My kids love fans, too, so trust me…if that stupid fridge had them, they’d be blown out, too. :)

  28. Delia says:

    I like cleaning and organising so it was nice to read this, and all the William Morris posts. Sorry you don’t like your fridge. My reason for commenting is to ask why you freeze flour? Is there something I should know? I’m in Sweden, perhaps I misunderstood what you meant. Ok, bye for now!

    • Jules says:

      Hi, Delia! Flour can have bugs or eggs in it, and freezing it kills the bugs and prevents the eggs from hatching. Some people only freeze it for a couple of days (48 hours does the trick, I hear) because any longer and you run the risk of your flour absorbing moisture or some of the flavors in your freezer. Since I keep so few prepared foods in my freezer and have never had a problem with moisture thanks to my very dry climate, I leave them in their. I haven’t had a problem yet!

  29. Julie S says:

    YES!!! I knew my innate sense was right. I have never lived in a house with a bottom freezer, but from the minute I saw them showing up in the stores and then in friends’ houses, I was utterly unable to understand why someone would want one. Wouldn’t they realize what a horrid mess and pain in the back it would be to store/retrieve things from such a freezer? Jules, I grew up with a top-freezer and married into a side by side, and when it dies I absolutely want another top-freezer. They are just so much easer to organize and find things in. I think they fit a lot more than the vertical ones too, as you can tetris things together more efficiently.

  30. Bobbie says:

    I have the same fridge! I mean the exact same fridge (but mine is black). I have an upright freezer in garage so I actually dont use my bottom freezer much but before we got the one in garage it was a BIG pain and things had to be arranged just right or the bottom freezer “door” wouldnt slide shut.

  31. Bobbie says:

    I’ve been a lurker about three months now. Thank you for keeping things real, girl, but balancing it with your constant and valiant effort to attain authentic, practical beauty in life. You make me think, “I can do it!”

    My husband said this to me the first day we met, and I’ll say it to you now: ” I don’t know everything about you, but what I do know, I love.”

  32. Leilani says:

    Wow. I am seeing life through new eyes now. All this time I have been envying my friend “Pamelotta’s” fridge as well as The Barefoot Contessa’s. Who would have thought they were such a pain? I will go home and hug my black, functional, freezer-on-da-top fridge.

  33. Steve says:

    We would like to buy a single door top fridge with a bottom freezer, but ONLY if the bottom freezer has a swinging door. These days 1 in 20 units have both swinging doors. The freezer bins are rediculious! Your food is pulled out over the floor to deposit debris and you have to stoop over the door to get to the buried food.

    The only thing that bogles my mind more than the moron who created this design, are the morons who keep buying them, giving the manufacturers the message that the design is a good one…

  34. Knew21040 says:

    I have similar frustrations with our bottom freezer (although I love having the fridge portion at the top). We lay a few sheets of wax paper at the bottom of the freezer for easier cleanup, but it is still a pain when ice cubes fall down there.

  35. Shelly Loving says:

    I call my bottom drawer freezer, my giant toy-box of food. Hate that thing and am probably stuck with it for 20 years.

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