Happy, Happy

HH, dino

I just spent time undetermined looking for a missing hermit crab (Hermie Rex). Months had gone by since we last saw him, and I was afraid his molt had turned into a mortality. We found him, and all seems well.


Back in the library, at long last! The kids liked all the decorations, so that made me happy.


I finished the first season of Doctor Who! Not the first first season. The season with the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. This Doctor Who thing is all very confusing. I can tell, especially now that I’m watching season 2, that I’m missing back stories and characters, and when that happens I head to Google. Normally I like to start a show from the beginning, but I can’t very well watch 26 years of episodes now, can I?


Mikey and another classmate represented the 4th grade in the school spelling bee (4th – 8th grade). He was so nervous. I was beyond nervous, but tried to pretend it was no big deal. He made it to the 3rd round and misspelled the word “exhibit.” I guarantee he will never forget how to spell that word. He was very disappointed he didn’t win, but that’s typical Mikey perfectionism. He was feeling better by the time I picked him up from school.


I took a nap. Not a really big deal, but Nico had a croupy cough this week and the Mister was out of town. There was one night where I didn’t sleep more than 2.5 hours, so that nap in the late afternoon felt like, I don’t know, kittens sliding down a rainbow into a golden bucket full of rose petals.


I am so excited about the William Morris Project for next year! I’ve been reading some books on decluttering and simple living that have been getting me excited to tackle some projects again.

The Weekend

I hope to do some reading and relaxing! Nico has a birthday party he can go to, but with him just getting over that cough I really don’t want him rolling around in a Fun Zone.

Have a happy, happy weekend, everyone!

17 Responses to “Happy, Happy”
  1. Kate B says:

    When I was in grade school (though I can’t remember which grade) we had a school-wide spelling bee that I made it into and I misspelled “column.” I will never forget how to spell THAT, either! (Also, I went on to study architecture as an undergrad, though it’s not what I’m doing with my life now.)

  2. Rena says:

    I love Dr. Who!! It only gets better from here on out, I promise. And that nap sounds amazing. I’m green with envy. These days I’d like to sleep for a couple days. Preferably in a hammock wrapped in blankets with the sun on my face. We can all dream, right? ;)

  3. Ris says:

    Oooh more William Morris stuff? I’m so excited to read all about it!

  4. Sarah B. says:

    ‘Recuperate’ was the one that nailed my spelling bee coffin lid in sixth grade. And doctors 9 and 10 are wonderful. I couldn’t get into Matt Smith. :)

    • Susan G says:

      Sarah – I really really liked #10. And was so sad when he was done, and then never really liked Matt Smith. I still miss 10.

  5. Susan G says:

    Sounds like a great week (except for the sickness and no sleep part). I watched all of the new Dr. Who and after a season or two it was fine. I had to really get used to the changing of the doctor – I really am still not serene about that as there is one in particular I really liked. Tell Mikey that my husband and I participated in the same county-wide spelling bee in 7th grade, although we didn’t know that until many years later. (Neither of us won.) So you never know…

    Looking forward to the WM project for next year. I think that’s good timing for me as I am ready for this. Recently started feeling tyrannized by my “stuff” and don’t want to be like that.

  6. Heather P. says:

    I ended up in second place in my school spelling bee. I’m pretty sure I purposely misspelled “university” because the other girl and I had been at it for a good hour, just the two of us, and I was getting agitated and tired. That, and she was a year older than me, and you could tell she was fuming that some weird younger girl who had just moved there from Ohio (we were in Arizona at the time) was kicking her ass. I kinda didn’t want to get beaten up after school, either.

    A few weeks later, I got to skip school to go see the winner compete in the regional spelling bee. She was out in the first round. NEVER AGAIN did I cave in to my desire to give up – she misspelled something stupid easy like “goat.” I never would have done that. Never.

    And here I am, working at the very place I “couldn’t spell” when I was 10. Who knew?

    Tell Mikey not to let it get him down. There will be more spelling bees, don’t worry!

    And no, he’ll never misspell that word again – trust me. :-)

  7. Phaedrea says:

    After running around like a chicken between work, holiday parties, school, cheer practice, in the (below) freezing cold.. this stands alone stands out: “so that nap in the late afternoon felt like, I don’t know, kittens sliding down a rainbow into a golden bucket full of rose petals”

    YES! How can I get one of these?

    Because that would be Happy, Happy indeed! Have a great weekend and I hope everyone gets a little bit of downtime to rest & just be.

  8. Ari says:

    Make sure with Doctor Who you get the Christmas specials in or there will be things you miss. They’re often listed as Episode 0 of the season.

  9. Linda says:

    I was in the county spelling bee and almost won:until cataclysm.

  10. Debbie says:

    My family and I are huge Doctor Who fans. I’m old enough to have started watching in 1979 when my oldest two kids were little (like I said, I’m old!) and the baby wasn’t born yet. We watched the 4th Dr through part of the 7th, and then our PBS station stopped carrying it. I’m so glad we have BBC America these days. We get it almost as soon as the Brits do. :)

  11. Lisa-domesticaccident says:

    Fun zone=germ zone

    I cannot wait for your William Morse project 2014. I’m getting pumped. But in a simplified way.

  12. Jes says:

    If you have time, I would love some recommendations on decluttering/simplifying books and blogs! Happy holidays from Australia!

  13. Missy G. says:

    I would love to know what books you are reading to get inspired! I need all the help that I can get.

  14. Nicole says:

    I’m glad to hear of another Whovian (Doctor Who fan). Like you, I came to the series with the 9th Doctor. Having watched all of the new episodes, I can tell you that you don’t really need all of the back story to follow along. You just have to keep in mind that the Doctor will regenerate and you have to get used to a new Doctor. I also recommend watching the episodes in order, including the Christmas specials. By watching them in order, you don’t miss key plot points that are relevant later in the series. Another point is to just enjoy them, they are addictive.

  15. I’m excited to read about your 2014 WMP. I’m finally amped up enough (frustrated enough really) to start my own. I was literally trapped inside my garage trying to get into my side yard because there were THREE strollers blocking my side door. Normally, I would think nothing of it and just move the strollers around but this morning heard news of a fire that burned down a house in our neighborhood. No one was hurt but if that was my own home? And I was trying to get myself and three young children out and had mounds of crap blocking the door? Shudder.

    If that’s not a sign to pare down and simplify (and perhaps look over our homeowner’s insurance and create an evacuation plan) then I don’t know what is.

    I enjoy your reading your blog. Thank you for getting me to think about my own space and what I need to do to make it an intentional home.

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