Nico Laughs

I’ve been wanting to get a video of Nico laughing for a long, long time. The problem is that whenever he laughs, his laugh makes me laugh, so I forget to grab my phone.

I had my ipad sitting next to me at the dinner table tonight so I was finally able to capture a bit of the magic. When he was a baby I used to say it sounded like wind chimes. Now that he’s older and his voice is deeper, it just sounds like…crazytown awesome. Remember when I said his eyes turn into triangles? This is what I was talking about.

Warning: I have a horrible cold and my voice sounds even more like a whiskey soaked truck driver than usual, but now with congestion! Also, coughing. Ignore the coughing. I have a feeling you won’t notice either one because the boys, well, what makes them laugh is…boy stuff.

p.s. The “Aw dangit” and “Aw dagnabit” is them immitating their favorite Geico commercial. The one with Old MacDonald being a horrible speller.

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  1. anna says

    that. that is exactly what my second would be like if she wasn’t a blue-eyed, blonde girl. the laugh is disturbingly similar, not to mention the silly-voice “i wubb you toooo”… awesomeness.

  2. Anne says

    I want to bookmark that video for those times when I really need a laugh because the moment he started laughing, I couldn’t help but laugh too. Love it!

  3. Tanyia says

    Such a happy infectious laugh from such a happy, happy boy. :) Fart jokes are the ‘it thing’ around here most nights too. Boys, huh? Also! I love his face when he laughs! You can barely see my youngest boy’s eyes when he laughs, they turn into little slits of happiness! ^_^

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