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Count Flatula

I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging again. My NaNoWriMo project is going terribly! I think I made a mistake deciding to just focus on that and not NaNoWriMo and blogging because by stopping my writing here I seem to have shut off a creativity faucet. I stopped the closest thing I had to a daily writing practice. Fail! Oh well, live and learn.

Nico was sick this week, but not so sick that he couldn’t make 3,000 paper airplanes and shoot them all over the house. I told him to find something else to do, so he decided to make a toddler sized vampire. We call him Count Flatula in honor of Flat Stanley.

I responded to the comments from yesterday’s post after spending all day long at a 1st grade field trip. I am many things, but I am not a field trip mom. I can spend hours with kids grade 1st-7th several days per week, but put me with a few moms for one day and I come home drained of all energy.

I made a craft for the 5th graders. If they like it, I’ll share it here. If they don’t and think I’m a total old lady dork, we’ll pretend I never mentioned it, okay?

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  1. stellastarlite says

    I was never much of a field trip mom…too much noise! And when the kids had to volunteer food for a school event I always told them that I made great paper plates! I love your walking pics and that you have stuck with it.

  2. Susan G says

    I am cracking up over giving Count Flatula bunny ears – that child is a gem! Still need to catch up on your TV post, but I did watch all of Fringe because you mentioned it. The first couple of seasons were the best, but towards the end it does get a little better. Haven’t watched The Tudors but I did watch Man of Steel with my daughters the other day – much discussion (by them) on how hot he is. Other than that it’s a pretty mediocre movie, we thought – lots of bad editing, I think, where MAJOR things are revealed to him and he pretty much doesn’t react. “Here is the spaceship you arrived in as a baby, Son.” “Cool. What’s for dinner?”

  3. says

    Given the recent Nico Laughing video, combined with the fact that Nico is a boy, I really thought Count Flatula was named in honor of something far less honorable than Flat Stanley, LOL

      • says

        I know, right? Nico doesn’t know the meaning of the word flatulence and he won’t for as long as possible. Yesterday he was laughing as he was drawing and when he showed me what he was drawing…it was a farting butt. I told him to crumple it up and try something I could actually show his grandmother, thankyouverymuch. Sigh.

        • Betsy says

          I play a game sometimes with my boys and stump them with proper words for all their potty talk words – flatulence, sphincter, feces, gluteus maximus, defecate…etc. Then I make them look them up in the dictionary if they want to know what they mean. I tell myself they’re learning something and increasing their vocabulary.

        • Jeanne says

          that is hilarious. And BTW I often signed up for field trips so my daughter would at least have me if the other girls (brats) in her class were not inclusive. Which they often weren’t. Do I sound bitter? Be glad you don’t feel you need to do that duty. It was not really the way I wanted to spend a morning or afternoon missing work. Thankfully it changed by 7th grade.

  4. says

    I seem to have abandoned my NaNoWriMo project this week, not that I didn’t expect it to turn out this way this month. In a month of Thanksgiving, parent-teacher conferences, family vacations and reunions, a concert that I’m responsible for producing…I can’t seem to write more than one kind of thing in a day, and this week it’s been a resume and cover letter, and a little bit of blogging. And comments. :)

    I avoid field trips. Help in the classroom? Sign me up. Library? Sure. Riding a bus with a class of noisy kids? NO THANKS. Maybe it was just me, but I don’t recall ever wanting one of my parents on my field trip, so I figure I’m doing my kids a favor.

  5. says

    I actually went on a school field trip with my son this last week too. I am NOT cut out for such things. More because the noise, the commotion, the hurry up and wait send me into a bit of a tizzy. I’d much rather shelve books at the library or organize the uniform exchange.

  6. Phaedra says

    I’ve had a sick kid at home with me this week and I was sick, too. You know what I’m not cut out for? Sick kid whining when I, too, feel like whining around. She seems to have a radar for when I finally drift back to sleep – that’s when she needs me urgently! Give me a bus full of rambunctious grade schoolers on a field trip anytime over that! I couldn’t wait to get out of the house! ( I can say that with certainty having volunteered 4 years straight for the ‘long’ field trips where we’ve spent 2-3hrs on the bus. )
    Can I say that I’m SHOCKED that Nico doesn’t know that he named his toddler vampire something AWESOMELY inappropriate? How has his older brother not enlightened him here? If I so much as even smirk at a word my kid is questioning all meanings immediately. Potty humor is the funniest thing going when you’re 8 apparently.

  7. says

    I was always the field trip mom, classroom parent, etc., etc., etc., when my kids attended school. They went to a private school, though, so we just used our cars for transportation. I had a van with a DVD player. Pop in Looney Tunes, and Silence is Golden. I’m surprised that he doesn’t know what flatulence is, either. Potty humor is about the only thing my kids giggle at these days!

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