The Craft Cabinet | April 2013

Craft Cabinet Water Color, 4

Craft Cabinet Water Color, 5

I mentioned it (ad nauseum) on Twitter and Facebook, but I don’t know if I mentioned here (much) that Andrea and I hosted our second Craft Cabinet event on April 12th. This time we had Brenda Ponnay come and teach water color. Andrea and I didn’t participate. Instead, we looked on longingly and admired everyone’s work. It looked both intimidating and fun, and we’ll be sharing Brenda’s tricks on The Craft Cabinet blog next week. The Craft Cabinet is supposed to be a drama/clique/snark-free zone devoid of perfectionism and pressure. A night where you can unwind and not freak out about the little/big/every things. It only makes sense that I co-host the event.

[Pause for laughter]

Craft Cabinet, Water Color, 1

We had it this time around at Oh Hello Friend which is the best gift store ever. Danni and Nick’s prices are ridiculously reasonable–I don’t think a single guest walked out of the store empty handed. I’m giving my niece a gift certificate to Danni’s shop for her birthday, and I’m going to make a day of it with her. Shopping, then lunch. Sounds like something a 13 year old would like to do, right? Sounds like something a 40 year old would like to do, too, but that is 100% coincidence.

Craft Cabinet Water Color, 3

Craft Cabinet, Water Color, 2

Everything looked so pretty. As usual, Andrea and I did it on a dime by necessity. We think it turned out beautiful–I told Andrea it looked like a wedding reception–and I think everyone had a great time. Next week on the Craft Cabinet blog we’ll detail the food, decorations, and the goody bags. We’re pretty proud of our goody bags.

This is my second event and in some ways it was easier and it some ways it wasn’t. I’m The Craft Cabinet’s best/ideal customer: someone who needs to hang around some cool women for a low key night of awesome. No negative self-talk allowed.

Speaking of which, remind me to tell you how I stepped on the hem of my dress and fell flat on my back (legs up!) in front of a bar full of drunk college kids. Not low key, not awesome. Well, not for me anyway. The guy who road past me on a bicycle seemed to think it was pretty awesome. He wore a black canvas jacket that fluttered behind him like a cape. A true anti-hero! You notice these things when you lay supine on concrete while stone-cold sober.

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  1. says

    Really wish you lived in Portland! I could use some low-key, no negative, creative time with women in a nice place kinda evening. And if you fell on your back, a hipster riding by would likely get off his bike and offer to help you up. You should think about it… :-)

  2. Susan G says

    Sigh…it looks amazing!! After I read about the store on the CC blog I ordered some things from there, including the CUTEST red stapler (red is my favorite color but I don’t actually have very much of it). SO sorry about the fall, and I love that you could think straight enough to notice the anti-hero and describe him to us.

  3. says

    You haven’t lived unless you’ve fallen on your butt in public…whilst sober. :-)

    Glad to hear everything went great, and it looks like you guys did an amazing job! You’re making a tough case for moving out west, that’s for sure!

  4. says

    I really need a photo of you in this post. And your outfit. It’s important to me. :)

    And start planning a Craft Cabinet in November, work your crafty magic!

  5. says

    Oh man, that’s not a fun end to it. but yes, I loved how you guys set it up but my favorite thing? Those watercolor paint trays! They’re just so beautiful. It’s what caught my attention first with all the IG sneaks :)

  6. says

    Oh my this looks like so much fun and I swear I endeavor to be the first person to sign up if you ever come to the East Coast!:) So sorry about your fall (I hope you’re okay), but kudos for appreciating the humor in it all, I guess! (I would have cried)!

  7. says

    So pretty, a lovely place to be, I bet it was totally fun!
    And, hey, at least Ryan Gosling wasn’t walking down the street, only to stop and help you, and in your excitement at being swept off your feet, not realizing that you had accidentally peed your pants from the force with which you fell to the ground, because, you know, you live in California, and superstar actors are always hanging out close to awesome gift shops, and as is totally obvious, always poised to rescue damsels in distress.

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