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The weekend was bad one for not thinking about diets. Long story short (long story on Facebook), I heard about someone who had great success in a short amount of time with a very low carb diet. So, of course, I wanted to scrap everything I have done the last six months and eat beef jerky for every meal until Christmas. I was full of doubt and feeling sad. As I whined about all this on Facebook, a reader was emailing me to tell me the impact my non-dieting post had on her. I don’t know if her email was in response to my post or if it was just a coincidence, but that email meant the world to me. Crisis averted, back to non-dieting. For lunch I had a sandwich.


I saw this video on Facebook of a high school basketball player passing the ball to his special needs opponent so that he could shoot the ball. Let me tell you, if either one of those boys were mine, I would beat my chest like a proud gorilla until all my ribs were cracked.


I finished the taxes and Mikey finished his first book report. Both were hanging over my head like dark clouds for the last month.


I finally picked a winner for the freezer cookbook giveaway. Sheesh. Also, just when I was reaching the end of my rope after a busy week, I received another nice email. You all are psychic. Or kind. Both, most likely, and that makes me lucky as well as happy.


Just a little launch of a second site, a little putting myself out there some more, a little taking of risks. Come say hi and check out the new site, maybe get some info on the upcoming event in April, but only if you want. No big thing!

Absolutely a big thing! Andrea and I have been working on this nonstop and if stress had feathers I’d look like an emu. Andrea did a great job talking about our hopes this morning. I may sound flippant about it here, but really this is something we are both excited about and want to do well.

The Weekend

I don’t know, but it better involve sushi and a babysitter.

Have happy, happy weekend!

19 Responses to “Happy, Happy”
  1. anna says:

    “If stress had feathers I’d look like an emu.” i hear ya! this week, i’m fairly sure i’ve been making the grumpy emu noises too… (selling house + kids = rage)

  2. The link to Craft Cabinet didn’t work for me?

    Sorry you had a rough week. Some of that going around…kinda like the flu, maybe.

  3. Heather P. says:

    Sushi sounds like a great idea! I hope you have a nice, relaxing, fun weekend!

    The new site looks great, by the way! Kinda makes me wish I lived out there!

  4. OK, now I saw it! Looks awesome, and I’m wishing I lived in CA. Well, not really. But I wish I could come. Gonna start a franchise? Maybe I can run the Oregon branch? :-) Some friends and I did have one meeting of what we hope will be a regular crafting night, but that was back in November. Sigh. Maybe next month. Wishing you all kinds of success!

  5. Kelly says:

    Yay for you & Andrea. I’m excited for you on this new venture! (I visited her site and so learned of all your long-range plans.) And yay that the next event is in Fullerton…love their downtown, & it’s way closer for me than Long Beach.

    Also, I’m quite the fluffy emu myself, this week. :(

  6. Kristen says:

    Congratulations on your new site and all the fun you guys will have in the future! When I looked at the site, I immediately starting things of ways I could get myself to Fullerton, considering I am about 3,000 miles away…maybe some day! :)

  7. hayley says:

    Hi there
    I enjoy your posts but can’t figure out why you are so hung up on weight and food issues. Do I have to go back to a particular post for the back story? Anyway, I’m intrigued. Are you genuinely what people would refer to as ‘fat’ or do you want to be as thin/acceptable as many women in the media are (with all their attendant problems). Is it any one else’s business anyway? Really, why not try not worrying about it all unless there is a health issue. Enjoy your lovely family, home and California life.

  8. Miranda says:

    Thank you so much for posting the video of the basketball player. i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I am the parent of a special needs litlel boy who is 5. He has just started school, and we already deal with kids picking on him. I am so worried about the terrible treatment he will face as he grows up. This story was beautiful and gives me hope. I just pray that my son will experience something so wonderful someday, even just as simple as having a team accept him, or a coach tell him he needs him even as just a manager. Those boys’ parents have done a wonderful job raising them. Thanks for sharing the good.

  9. That video made me cry. Just cry and cry, how beautiful.

  10. sharmilla says:

    It was a coincidence. Except the older I get, the less I believe in coincidence. :)

  11. Danielle says:

    “Are you me?” – when reading the Monday post. That was me just a couple of weeks ago when an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in just over a month looked amazing. After just over a month. And she wasn’t that heavy to begin with. But just seeing how eating healthy and fitness had transformed this petite girl in such a short time…made me feel like a lazy bum.

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