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I wasn’t entirely on my game when I wrote today’s post. I forgot to include the name of my nutritionist, something a few of you asked me to share. Of course! I didn’t include her name in my post on Wednesday because I didn’t yet have her permission, but now that I do I can tell you I see Diane Keddy, MS, RD, FAED in Newport Beach. I found her a couple of years ago after a marathon Google search for a nutritionist who specialized in treatment of eating disorders. I’m very happy with her except when she refuses to be manipulated or believe my lies. Then I think she sucks. She’s not cheap (treatment of eating disorders never is) and she makes you do unreasonable things like giving up diets and eating regularly. You’ve been warned.

Eating Mindfully is a book Diane likes. Every time I ask her for a book she feels best represents how people should eat, she recommends this book. I’ve picked it up a dozen times in the store, but have yet worked up the courage to bring it to the register. It’s small and simple and looks a little woo-woo. I’m going to try to read it this month, and I’m thinking I’ll update on how things are going for me–if you are interested–every 1-3 months. I say 1-3 months, but I’m secretly hoping it won’t turn into 10.

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  1. April says

    “I’m thinking I’ll update on how things are going for me–if you are interested–every 1-3 months.”

    Interested. Just so you know.

    I have a friend with an ED. Your posts help me understand her better.

    EDIT: Perhaps I should be more specific. Your journey helps me to understand her journey better, which teaches me to be more sympathetic.

  2. Fairfax Avenue says

    Is your nutritionist a formerly overweight person? For some people this is very important in their acceptance of a practitioner.

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