More Incomplete Window Dressing

WM pink and gray Rev3

White Paint, 1

When last we left the boys’ new shared bedroom, we had painted the walls a warm white. I planned that same week to add bamboo shades but Nico got sick, so that went on the back burner. That was the plan for this week (shades) along with ordering art for over the bed, installing a solar system light, and deciding on curtains (I’m looking at this one and this one, for starters).

Boys Room Shades, 1

Instead, the Mister put up the bamboo Roman shades (Home Depot, same as the ones in the family room but in a lighter color) early Tuesday evening when he wasn’t even feeling 100% better. I think he wanted to do something nice because did I mention on the day Nico got better the Mister got the flu? And on Tuesday, the day he started to feel better, Mikey woke up with a 102° fever–104° now, thanks.

Boys Room Shades, 2

I know from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and the good ol’ fashioned telephone that you are going through the very same thing. You aren’t getting any sleep or work done, either, and by now, you are probably sick, too. I’m not, thank goodness, and I hope it stays that way!

I know you feel my pain.

Boys Room Shades, 3

What is going on this season?! So many people are sick. Last year was a bad cold and flu season for us personally, but this year seems to be a bad one for everyone. There is one child in Mikey’s class who has been sick off and on since October. At this point, he/she has missed weeks of school! My neighbor–poor thing–just had her 3rd child and her two oldest (6 and 4) keep passing around colds. She is not only up at night trying to take care of a two week old, she is dealing with sick kiddos, too. And of course the baby got the sniffles last week.

What can you do? Nothing. Soldier on and be grateful for the big and small things, like health, because we are healthy. Colds are temporary. They don’t last, and those shades aren’t going to go up by themselves.


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  1. says

    Oh, I love the first one (the link to that one isn’t complete by the way, the colon is missing after the http.) The wide blocks of color are perfect. The boys must be thrilled to get such an awesome room.
    Hope your family feels well again soon. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Lisa says

    It’s so true about this cold and flu season. Two of my three kiddos have missed a whole week of school consecutively. Then my hubby got it. Good thing I love making and eating soup. On the other hand, I haven’t had a chance to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead, so I’m worried about Daryl’s well being.

  3. says

    That is the worst. Hope you all feel better very very soon. And I like the blinds, they’ll look great with the curtains (I like the gray quite a bit, although the blue seem more you somehow).

  4. says

    I really like those blinds. And so sorry to hear about the triple flu-whammy. It does seem like everyone has been sick this winter. I’m feeling so very grateful that no one in our house has been felled by it yet. I think I’m becoming a believer in flu shots.

  5. Sarah says

    I have been thinking about blinds like that for my room. Someone told me you can glue blackout fabric to the back, but I just haven’t had the courage to jump in and do it. My kids are swapping strep. So over it!

  6. says

    There are those years where it seems like every other week one of us family has a cold, but you’re right, this year has been a doozy (thanks in part to me getting Norwalk, but I’m ‘proud’ to say that I kept it to myself, and didn’t pass it to anyone at work or in the house…a feat I didn’t even think possible!). The kids have had runny noses since September, you’d think there was a moratorium on mucus, but no!
    Moving right along, well done Husband on installing the blinds. What a great guy.
    Loving the white room. It looks so smart.

  7. says

    The shades look great! I hope everyone feels better soon. At least while you’re resting and cuddling the sick ones, you can browse more decor options!

  8. Susan G says

    I like the blinds, and I think the blue curtains would be just right in there. (I really like the grey ones but the blue seem better for the room to me.) And that might be the COOLEST light fixture ever! Hope everyone is well now and stays healthy!

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