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I catch myself throughout the day thinking I only have to make it until next week, or weekend, or month for things to calm down. I was walking out of the kitchen and into the dining room, wincing at all the clutter of little things that add up. Mail and jackets and Christmas decorations that still need to go up. Relax, I thought. Accept the fall is busy; things will calm down after Christmas. I thought about it, and realized that’s ridiculous because after fall is winter and winter is the start of baseball season and there goes my peace and quiet.

I can either accept life is busy, or I can do something to make it less busy. Even better, I can do a little of both. A part of me worries I seek busyness. That’s food for thought for another day. For now, here’s proof I also seek happiness.

:: Mikey made Monday special with a handwritten note.

:: I spent late Tuesday evening writing my sponsor page. I finished just before midnight, and while I still despise writing and talking about myself–despite what authoring a blog would suggest–I did it and I’m proud of myself. Here it is. I even started working on an About page for the blog, something I have never been able to do. (My current one is just one of my very first blog posts copied and pasted.)

:: I happened to be reading one of my very favorite calm and peaceful bloggers on Wednesday, and she linked to something interesting. Perhaps my frazzles comes from being a Highly Sensitive Person. I can’t say I love the title. It makes me sound like a wimp! I much prefer something like Highly Intolerant of Crap and Monopolizers of My Time.

:: We trimmed the tree on Thursday. This year, trimming the tree was of utmost importance for Nicholas. He wanted to place every ornament in just the right spot.

:: Friday. Ahhhhh. The boys get out early, and I think I might treat them to McDonald’s or In n Out.

This weekend we are going to LA to watch my niece’s Christmas program. I don’t think we’re doing anything on Sunday, which is just the way I like it.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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    • says

      I don’t really like In n Out! I know, I know. I am the only one who ever says that. But, to be fair, I don’t really like hamburgers. Out of all the burgers out there, they are my favorite. Probably because the patty is so thin!

  1. April says

    “I occasionally offer giveaways, but please note that I will not ask my readers to like your company on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, or pin your product. No exceptions.”

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I absolutely loathe it when bloggers try to make us do this. It kind of feels like those pictures on Facebook of a sweet old lady that says something like, “Click ‘like’ if you love your Grandma, keep scrolling if you want her to die.” WTF??? I will not be manipulated over some piece of mundane social media! I’d rather not enter a giveaway, even for something I really want, if they’re going to try and force my hand like that.

    I soooo appreciate your laid back, honest style of blogging (and life in general). I can’t say thank you enough.

    • says

      Thanks, April! Don’t get me started on giveaways and social media. Why do you think my social media numbers are so low compared to almost every other blogger out there? It’s not just because they’re more likeable. 😉

      My philosophy is this: If you are going to like me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, it’s because you like me as a person and want to have a conversation with me, not because you really, really, really want that blender.

  2. says

    I also appreciate the link to Beauty that Moves. Lovely blog. And about the busyness–I saw something this week (somewhere, who knows where now…) about the importance of framing things in our minds. The kind of thing that can feel really annoying when you’re in the midst of meltdown, but that makes lots of sense when you’re not. Had something to do with not framing a troubling situation as trouble, essentially. But as just what it is. And rather than fight what it is, the suggestion was to accept it and focus on determining a response to it. OK, sounded better in the original. I found it calming! And being one of those highly sensitive people, I take calming wherever I can get it! :-)

    • says

      I took Heather’s Whole Foods class, which was fantastic.

      I need to learn to reframe. It’s not that I’m busy, it’s that this is life. Plain and simple.

  3. Jill says

    You should be proud of the sponsor page. Honest and to the point. You succeeded in making me laugh while reading a sponsor page. That was unexpected.

    Re: busy seasons, as I was driving this morning I was thinking of exactly that. When I have something “going on” (family visiting, shopping, birthday parties) it seems I can’t relax and enjoy whatever it is I’m currently doing. Why can’t I relax and just soak in the little moments? It’s my personality, I know it. I’m a planner, a list maker, a git-er-done and move on to the next item person. I guess I need to add “relax” to one of my many lists.

    • says

      I need to add relax to my list, too.

      Thanks for the compliment on the sponsor page, too. I was very nervous about the whole thing. I joked on twitter that I felt like I was asking the world to spot me a $20. I need to amend the page, though. In reading it again, it sounds like I would only advertise companies. I have no problem advertising blogs, too.

  4. Sarah says

    I looked at the list on the Highly Sensitive Person link, and fit every characteristic. Kind of funny, in a way. Once I heard that everyone has a diagnosis, guess that was mine. I always just thought I was a Nervous Nelly.

  5. says

    I actually just recently found that I am a “sensitive” person during the course of some counseling. Not in the thin skin kind of way, but that the environment around me plays a huge role in how I internally feel. It’s been wonderful learning that as it helps explain why I’m so stressed out this time of year – there is less daylight, more clutter, ringing bells and Christmas carols and noise EVERYWHERE, even the stress of the other people around me creates physical tension in my body. I just get completely overloaded with it all. Being aware of that has helped me create “breathing” spaces and rest for myself. It’s also been helpful with my son who has to have the seams of his socks just so, and covers his ears when noise is too loud, and won’t eat food unless it’s just the right temperature. It’s been an interesting discovery!

    • says

      “the environment around me plays a huge role in how I internally feel” – I learned that in therapy in the 4th grade. I’d landed myself in the hospital from the amount of sickness I’d been going through over that past year because test after test revealed nothing wrong. Then they admitted me to a children’s hospital and somewhere along that few weeks they had me see a therapist. She determined that certain environmental events were causing my body to react this way because I didn’t know how to deal with it. She taught me a lot of methods and I can honestly say that it changed my life. That’s not to say I don’t still get ill in stressful situations, or even at the oncoming of a situation I believe will BE stressful, but I know that it’s all in my brain. If I can’t convince myself to calm down, I just take a Pepto and move on. SOoooo much better than always thinking I’m sick!

  6. Susan G says

    Kudos for writing a sponsor page that is interesting, informative, funny, and honest! Not everyone can do that.

    • says

      I know!! I totally blew it and forgot to have the kids put out their shoes. Argh! Then, I got roped into volunteering at school and didn’t get the chance to buy them Christmas pajamas. (Their St. Nicholas present.)

  7. Lisa in Seattle says

    I love your sponsor page so much (the first line made me spit a little tea on my new sweater, so you owe me) that I kinda want to start a small business just so I can advertise with you. Also, I can’t wait to read your thoughts on “seeking busyness.” Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. KellyM says

    I read you everyday. I loved your sponsor page…well done, made me laugh out loud at my desk in my soul destroying cubicle!! I will be interested to see the sponsors who turn up aligned with your vision, they will be worth patronizing….

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