Stuff Mikey Says, Vol. 7

On charity

“Mom, I’ve been thinking about it, and I think we should send poker tables to all the poor college students in Africa.”


On demographics

“Because you know how poor children in Africa don’t have toys? I’m sure the college students don’t have toys, either, and I think in college boys like to play poker.”


On economies of scale

“You know what, mom? Forget about the poker tables. I’ve been thinking about it, and the shipping costs will kill us.”


On weather

“I wish it was raining puppies.”


On health

“I feel better than a three-legged hippo! You probably have no idea what I’m talking about.”


On intellectual property

“I’m just working on my blue prints for the house of the future. […] Um, okay, but why do you want to see it? Are you planning to show it to the government?”


On civics

“Just because I’m too young to vote doesn’t mean I can’t say what I’m thinking.”

34 Responses to “Stuff Mikey Says, Vol. 7”
  1. Shelley says:

    I wish it to rain puppies as well!

  2. Wow, that last one is pretty amazing.

  3. Kinda wishing I did know how a 3-legged hippo feels…

    • Jules says:

      I don’t get it. I guess because they have 3 legs they are kind of happy hopping?

      • Panda says:

        I was thinking that since he said he felt BETTER than a 3 legged hippo, that the hippo is sad because it has 3 legs, not 4? Or is it more along the lines of “I’m happier than a pig in sh** ” because pigs LIKE to wallow in mud? Ugh, to have a decoder ring for a child’s mind…and the entire make species for that matter.. :)

  4. Kathryn says:

    Those are fabulous! What a great kid.

  5. Amy says:

    You know, you just can’t be too careful with intellectual property. Seriously. :)

    I do so love the words of Mikey!

  6. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh how funny!!! I love his thoughts on poker tables and African college students. Where did he get the idea that college boys play poker?

    • Jules says:

      I have NO IDEA. None. We don’t play poker! It came completely out of nowhere as we were leaving the school parking lot a few weeks ago. He ran through the entire idea out loud and in the end, as you can see, eliminated it for logistical reasons. ;)

  7. Susan G says:

    Somehow I don’t think he has too much trouble saying what he’s thinking. :) And we are ever so grateful for that!

    • Jules says:

      Mikey hasn’t denied anyone the honor (?) of hearing what he is thinking in the 8 years he’s been alive. Twice he was so mad at one of us that he said he wasn’t speaking to us ever again. He lasted less than 10 minutes.

      • Susan G says:

        LOL – I have one like that. She started talking way before her 2nd birthday and pretty much hasn’t stopped since. She’s 23. :)

  8. Tristan B. says:

    Oh, gosh, I have just started crying, each one more funny than the next! But I think this is my fave:

    On health

    “I feel better than a three-legged hippo! You probably have no idea what I’m talking about.”


  9. Heather says:

    Without a doubt…my favorite posts of yours to read! Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Cathy Kost says:

    Stuff the boys say posts are my very favorite!

  11. Haha! The shipping costs WOULD kill you.

  12. Anna says:

    Every thing he says is well said! :-D :-D

  13. Jasi says:

    Haha! Very funny kid.
    I love the way children’s minds work. When my children say something strange I love asking them more about it. Usually, it’s very logical thinking that got them there in the first place. Funny stuff!

    • Jules says:

      Oh yes! I so agree! I always question him on everything (random) he says, and it’s always rooted in logic. Bizarre, nonsensical kid logic, but logic nonetheless.

  14. Nicole says:

    “the shipping costs will kill us” – love it!

  15. Rebe says:

    I love this – very smart kid you have on your hands!

    On another note: did you see your blog is in the “Home Blogs We Love” list in the Young House Love book? I found some other new to me blogs but was happy to see some of my favorites! :-)

  16. AmyLovesTeal says:

    He had me at 3-legged hippo!

  17. Erin says:

    Haha! So funny…and so wise!

  18. May says:

    Curse the generation gap! I can’t believe he thinks the older generation is too uncool to understand the concept of the three-legged hippo!

  19. Kelly says:

    Your boys are adorable! I’m new here, and so far I think these are my favourite posts! :)

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