31 Days of William Morris

Summer wrecked my house. I figure it will take me a few weeks to get in a routine, figure out the new normal, and go to the supermarket for more than what I need right now for dinner. About the time I’m back on my feet it will be time for me to greet October with a second William Morris series. Once again, I’m participating in Nester’s 31 Day series. Nester changes her topic every year, but I’m sticking to what works. Also, I’m nowhere near done with the project, so it’s silly to take on something new and fall behind after a year of progress.

It should be as crazy as last year.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to handle the links for October. I normally do a link up on Thursdays to highlight everyone’s weekly projects, but doing a project everyday for 31 days demands a lot of person in terms of time, money, and sanity. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one joined me, or if they limited their projects to our normal weekly schedule. Because of that, I’m debating what to do about the links. Pro: it’s convenient to have all the links grouped for people to click. Con: that means I have to generate code for each day of the month. That’s not exactly taxing, but I bet around week two I’ll consider anything that adds more than 2 minutes to my posting schedule reason to punch my monitor.

For now, my tentative plan is to ask people to post links to their projects in the comments.

So, who is participating in Nester’s series this year? What is your topic? Hayley participated last year and turned her 31 days into an ebook! Not too shabby. At the end of my 31 days I got a fever and a sore throat. Not nearly as business savvy, if you ask me.

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  1. I love the William Morris project – in fact we have a version of it happening in our house currently. Little steps everyday. I, too, am joining the Nester’s 31 days series but I’m planning to focus on cooking family dinner – recipes, tips, tricks and their kin.

    I’d say as far as the link up, maybe consider doing an extra post once a week that is just for linking up. No one wants you to go crazy coding and everyone can post their projects from the whole week or just one day there. Maybe create a temporary side bar button to that week’s link up post.

    I’m really looking forward to October.

    • I was going to suggest the EXACT same thing as Meghan. Instead of reiterating, I’ll just give it a *thumbs up* and a *big smile* and hope you consider it!

        • Why not Thursdays? 🙂 It’ll be easier to keep to my own routine if we continue as we have done.

          So pleased this will be your focus for the 31 day series. I too will do what works and focus on housekeeping again.

  2. I also started reading you because of the William Morris project and have enjoyed following you ever since! I’d say have your once weekly link up be the day you have been posting the project (Thursdays). Looking so forward to it!

  3. My mind reels at the thought of completing & posting 31 days of home improvement…no matter if you’re just rearranging the forks. Cant. Do. It. So I’m very impressed! I’ll be content if I can manage to link up on Thursdays.

    I’m kicking around the idea of joining Nester’s series, and focusing on books. Considering the name of my blog, it’s kinda lame that I feature books & reading so infrequently. :-/

  4. I love that you are doing 31 days again! Looking at the pictures of my messy garage I posted last night has motivated me to do some organizing. I’m hoping to link up weekly too.

  5. I am not in, sadly, because I can’t handle it! But I love reading yours and I’m looking forward to it. I think I’ll make a list and we’ll tackle it at whatever pace we can mange.

    We’re currently going through the process of sorting out all storage in the apartment and we managed to get a good chunk of work done this weekend (linen/tools/sporting goods/overflow pantry closet is sorted!). It feels so good.

    We have to help our parents with some sorting this weekend, and it is the surest source of family friction. I get overwhelmed and want to toss everything, feelings are hurt, progress is slow. Sigh.

  6. Your pictures are so refreshing – life happens! 🙂 I’m looking forward to your next 31 series, and I do enjoy the weekly linkups, however you decide to continue that. I’m thinking about participating in Nester’s series this year . . . . close to nailing down a topic. We’ll see!

  7. I found you because of the 31 days of William Morris last year, and have been following you since. I have always loved the William Morris quote, it’s my life mantra currently (that and ‘baby steps’).

  8. I love the Nester’s 31 days and of course, I’ll be reading all about your projects and looking forward to the many ways you make things useful and beautiful. I did it last year and ended up sick part way through but I’m toying with doing it again. Though I definitely need to plan my posts out better!!

  9. The William Morris project is one of my favorite features of your blog! Whether it’s a big decluttering project or just a simple rearrangement of a drawer. Can’t wait to see what you come up with to help nudge me along with my own To Do List.

  10. I totally missed the Nester’s series last fall, but found you at New Year’s. I have developed a total addiction to The William Morris Project thanks to you! Thursdays are not the same without it. Though I reluctantly discovered I can forge on without all the folks I mingle with at Pancakes and French Fries, it is not nearly as enjoyable!
    I have decided to try the Nester’s challenge this year. I haven’t decided yet about if I will do William Morris completely (though that is what will happen on Thursdays) or an overall series where I do something for someone I love every day of October. I see a weekly Wm. Morris project melding well with that theme and that is the way I am leaning.
    Overseeing a daily link sounds laborious. I would be delighted to see you continue the Thursday linky. Individual participants could decide if they wanted to do a post capturing their whole week’s work or just the single day. Thank you so much for hosting. Thursdays have become my favorite day of the week!

  11. My first comment here – I just had to say how much I love the idea of the 31 Days Challenge. I can’t even remember how I found your blog a few weeks ago but I’ve been obsessively reading all the William Morris posts (and enjoyed the other posts just as much!) and found it very inspiring.
    I can be quite the procrastinator, sounds like the challenge could come in handy. And can’t wait to read your next posts 🙂

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