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So I am thinking more and more about making my living and dining room a very restful and soothing mix of creamy neutrals.  I can’t completely abandon my love of color, especially green and that golden yellow I wear so often, so those will probably show up in toss pillows or curtains.  I don’t know–I haven’t officially decided but I’m getting close.  I’ve even gathered up a few inspiration photos online, which has helped tremendously to narrow down what I like and don’t like.

I always knew I was a fan of gallery walls.

From the book Restoring a House in the City by Ingrid Abramovitch

Walls and Sofa

Living Room
Canadian House and Home

southern accents neutral room canopies_thumb
[via Centsational Girl]

And quirky groupings.

[via SF Girl by Bay]

And house plants.

Plenty of Plants
[Re Nest]

But I had no idea I had a thing for colored sofas. I don’t know why I am surprised, as my current sofa is pear colored. Well. It was at one point.

Navy Living Room

Cottage Dining Room

Yellow Sofa

[via Censational Girl]

Heaven help me with that yellow one. It would be like wearing my favorite cardigan everyday! I think when we buy new living room furniture I will reupholster our current “pear” sofa in yellow and move it into what is now the toy room. Maybe. Depends what color cardigan is my favorite at the moment.  Maybe I will create a new Mr. Rogers decorating movement with all my many cardigans.

Speaking of yellow, do you remember when I was taking Holly‘s blogging course in the winter?  Well, at the end of the session there was an opportunity to receive constructive criticism from my classmates.  Many people commented on the color of my blog and said that it was “me,” which I thought was funny since you never really know someone online, you know?  Would you agree?  Has anyone ever said that a color was “you?”

Holy cow!  I just asked The Mister which color he feels represents me most (without telling him I had just written this post) and he said, “You know, I think I have to say that yellow you’ve been wearing.  You don’t really see it anywhere, but it looks good on you.  I think you’re a yellow person.”  Well.  Would ya look at that?  I always wanted a “signature” color. 😉

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  1. says

    You painting your walls is the most exciting thing going on with me right now. I should not be so wrapped up in this, but I can’t help it. I was at the hardware store yesterday and walked past the Benjamin Moore display and started looking through the colors FOR YOU. I need help.

    I really want to live in that first photo. I so wish for gallery walls but I’m scared of picking the wrong frames/mats/photos. SCARED.

    A yellow sofa is perfection. I am glad you are going with neutrals, it will be so lovely once you pull it all together.

  2. says

    I’ve always {in the year I’ve read your blog} thought yellow suited you! :) Since I don’t really know you, I’d say it comes out in the fact that you helped start the likes of The Bright Side Project … your humor … and your smile.

    I’m also loving the colored sofas and chairs–I’m especially feeling some love for the plain white chair designed for slip-covers … because then you could just go wild and crazy and change the look/colors on a whim … the mere thought makes me giddy.

  3. says

    You’re the only person that can pull off yellow AND IT ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD. Maybe cause it’s not obnoxious yellow. It’s a calm and cool yellow. Either way, I usually hate yellow. Except when I’ve ever seen you use it. So there you go.

  4. says

    Zak, you’re hilarious! I do the same thing all the time. :) Isn’t that first photo great? I love those crazy, beat up floors.

    Amy–actually, the new furniture I want to get is plain ol’ white slipcovers. The Mister wants leather (dog hair, stains, etc.) but I am intrigued by white and the ability to bleach something.

  5. roni says

    nice inspiration. we still have 1 ft long color splotches in our dining room and still fighting about painting the stained mouldings. it’s been over a year! can i send you pics so you can referee the discussions with my Mister? think about it…interior design arbitration!

  6. says

    love all this inspiration – and since yellow has become my new fave color i think it’s pretty cool that your color is yellow :)!! i think it suits you (of course only having known you through blogging and for a few months…but it does!)

  7. says

    L O V E this post. Mmmmmm yummy neutral. Yellow can be your signature color for sure, I mean look at your blog sidebars! Maybe funky yellow pillows would be a good fit in your creamy room.

  8. says

    For the fist time ever, EVER, after trolling design blogs and magazines for at least the past two years, I let out a little sigh (that made actual noise!) of contentment when I saw that yellow sofa. yummy.

    need me some yellow sofa.

  9. says

    I agree – that yellow sofa and the carpet are really cool – sort of retro style or something – I like it too..;-)

    The entrance door and the gallery wall in the first picture are really exclusive and stylish too.

  10. Belinda says

    I am not the type to hold a grudge against someone for having something better than I, but I was going to to be REALLY jealous if that top house was yours. I only have one oil painting in my home. I dream of having a gallery like that.

    Love the yellow couch too, but my taste changes monthly, so I’m better off sticking with neutrals and just adding yellow pillows.

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