Memorial Day

I had no plans to post anything today, but I was washing dishes in the kitchen when I noticed how pretty the roses looked in the light.  The events of this weekend thus far:

  • I wasn’t able to make it to Blog*Sugar on account of an oil tanker exploding.  [Annoying.]
  • I get to return the shirts I bought but didn’t love for Blog*Sugar.  [Satisfying.]
  • Nicholas got the stomach flu.  [Annoying.]
  • I finally went to the store and filled the refrigerator with food.  [Satisfying.]

  • I’ve included a picture of my fridge because I’m always curious about the contents of other people’s refrigerators.  I’m not alone, right? [Potentially very weird.]
  • I’ve read two books so far, and am half-way through a third.  The Billerbeck novels were a gift from Thomas Nelson publishing and if Ashley doesn’t drop Seth like a hot stone (or if he doesn’t grow a pair between pages 94 and 282) I will have to contact the author through her publisher and say: W.T.H. [Potentially very satisfying.]
  • Harvey’s wife invited me to see Eclipse with her, which reminded me that I never bought New Moon.  Shortly before the weekend started I bought the movie via iTunes and it came with some Forks documentary.  [Unsettling.]
  • The Mister asked me why I bought a movie I didn’t like. [Annoying.]
  • I told him I had no choice in the matter.  I have the first one so now I have to buy all of them. [Obvious.]
  • He said I was insane. [Annoying.]
  • I watched the movie over the weekend on principle and feigned indifference to Kristen Stewart’s incessant breathing and lip biting while The Mister stared at me, waiting for me to snap.  I didn’t.  Barely. [Satisfying.]

  • I spoke with Tiffany over the weekend, and she agreed with me and said she also bought New Moon because her hands were tied. [Very, very satisfying.]
  • We talked about our high school reunion, which is right around the corner. [Satisfying.]
  • We agreed that the black cocktail dress I have is nice, but too vanilla to wear to a 20th reunion.  Besides, I don’t look all that great in black. [Annoying.]
  • Tiffany said she didn’t think I was going to lose anymore weight without exercising. [Annoying.]
  • I wrote this post. [Satisfying.]
  • And am waiting to hear from my dad on a good time to celebrate his birthday.  He wants dinner and a movie, and the boys can’t wait! [Happy.]

[Happy Memorial Day!]

Jules Kendall writes about books, family, and easygoing simplicity.


  1. says

    ahhhhh so YOU were our oil tanker explosion casualty (sooo annoying!) – I’m sure that Blog Sugar was secretly diminished with out you! Can’t wait to meet you at the next one! namaste, elsie

  2. says

    I envy your full fridge. I just sat down to read your blog as I finished telling my husband how pathetic it is I have to make a quesadilla for dinner for the kids because we have soda, tortillas (2) and cheese. Happy memoria day!

  3. says

    Jules-I’ve totally read those books! :) I don’t remember what happens b/c I’ve read about 5253 books since then but they were cute books.
    Sorry Nico is sick…has exposure helped you in that area of paranoia?

  4. says

    I vote for a fun summer print or yellow dress. Screw stodgy old black. I recently wore a black dress to a wedding and realized it made me look like death. So colored dresses from here on out!!!!! I made fish sticks for lunch yesterday because that’s all we had…..not bad……until I mention we don’t have any kids. At all.

  5. says

    Jeannett–not weird. I was annoyed with myself!

    Cara–It has helped. And, since I am just getting out of bed from food poisoning…that has helped, too. Sigh.

    Normally I email responses to comments or respond here individually, but you’ll have to forgive me today. I’m just now feeling like I could keep down a cracker and don’t have much energy. :)

  6. says

    Jules, we so missed you. Sorry Nicholas got the stomach flu…last week both teachers in taylor’s preschool class and 6 children, including Taylor all came down with it as well. Oh, and harvey’s wife still speaks with you after you kissed his neck?!? :)

  7. Tana says

    Uggggh, Kristen Stewart. I’m sure she’s nice and all, but the lip biting and constant eye blinking and fluttering drove me INSANE. I could hardly wait for movie to end. I think my daughter may be seeing the next one on her own. And don’t even get me started on the books!

  8. says

    Your posts are so fun to read! Where do I start? The videos of Kristen are so funny! She is a weird bird! But I have to admit, once I did see the first movie and read the books, I was hooked.
    So scary and annoying about the oil tanker! The older I get, the more freaked out I am about driving on the expressway.
    Hope you and your family feel better soon! And yes…why do you have a squirt bottle in the fridge?

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