Not Bunco

Day 60

Years ago, when Mikey was still a toddler, I started a Bunco night. I put together a group of friends and acquaintances and made pizza from scratch. One woman brought a bottle of champagne. We mingled, ate and drank, and played. People left reluctantly, long after the last game ended. It was a success! I knew, as I watched the last car drive down the street, that I was right to step out of my comfort zone and form this group.

Three months later we disbanded the group before we murdered each other.

On Saturday I went to the inaugural meeting of a book club that started after I mentioned to two friends on Facebook that I would love to get together. They held me to it, and I’m so glad they did. I had an amazing time. Fingers crossed I still like them by August.

Today was my 60th walk of 2017. I’m back to my daily walking/taking pictures of feet routine. There’s no place like home.

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  1. I have a “book club” – 6 of us get together about every other month, rotating hosting duties. We are all good friends, and frankly on any given meeting about half haven’t actually read the book. Needless to say, the book gets about 15 minutes of discussion over the course of our 3 hour chat fest. We have fun and it is a solid nudge to get together more than we would otherwise, so it is all good. Have fun with your club!

  2. Ha. I have had many experiences of “wow this person I just met is awesome, we are going to be best friends forever” only to have it morph into “well this is uncomfortable” a few months later. So many, in fact, that I now feel scared any time I start to make a new friend! Hope your group lasts. We just have to keep trying.

  3. So happy to see your latest posts in my blog feed! I remained hopeful that you’d start writing again some day. Looking forward to reading about what you’ve been up to lately. Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back! The new look is lovely. Good luck with the book club.

    P.S. I was ever so tempted to simply write “Love it!” for old time’s sake. 🙂

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