Snickers Update

Week 2

Yesterday I was running late. I had to take the boys to swim and then go to a meeting at their school. In order to get ready, I had to stop in the middle of feeding Snickers and ask the Mister to take over. I’ve been very good about doing all the Snickers work myself, both because I’m the one who brought the bird home and because this would be the time I bring home a baby animal with a rare communicable disease that turns everyone into ducks. Better safe than sorry.

But asking him to finish Snickers was unavoidable. So I knocked on his office door and said please and thank you and you’re awesome. I noticed him smiling at Snickers getting so excited about the bottle and as I ran by I said, “It’s fun, huh, to feed something so little.”

“Yeah,” he said. “But she still hit every ugly branch in the tree on the way down.”

I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but Snickers is alive and well. Lots of changes in just one week, too!


Snickers was unfeathered all over but the wings two weeks ago, and even those still had feather sheaths. (You can see that picture here.) S/he couldn’t walk, couldn’t perch (stand on my finger), and really couldn’t stand very well, either. Snickers spend the first few days sleeping and eating. Come to think of it, s/he still spends most of the day sleeping and eating, but stays awake longer after eating.

Other changes including perching for a few seconds at a time. We work on that every day. Snickers can now stand and there is a little bit of walking/hopping, but only when the bottle comes out. It’s more of an adorable shuffle. And, you can see in Snicker’s sexy wing picture, the feather sheaths are starting to dissolve and some downy feathers (in gray and white) are coming in on the back and side. The yellow fuzz on the neck is gone, and today I noticed that some feathers are coming in on the neck and a couple on the head. The head is still yellow fuzz, but I bet in a week or we’ll have more feathers than fuzz.

Lastly, we are spending more time outside. I read that birds at the fledgling stage, which Snickers is fast approaching, spend some time on the ground or on low perches. The Mister and the boys are researching outdoor pigeon houses to build for Snickers. I’ll move Snickers there and, hopefully, once s/he is ready to fly, that will be that. I’m hoping to have that house set up in the next week or two.

When I first brought home Snickers, s/he was drinking from a baby pet bottle with the nipple snipped to the bottom. Now that s/he has almost doubled in size (!!) I’ve started cutting fingers off of rubber gloves and poking holes in them. The video above is of Snicker’s 3rd time using the rubber glove “nipple.” Snickers hasn’t quite got the hang of it, but the learning curve sure is cute!

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  1. Stacey says

    Snickers is one lucky bird….your boys will have a great story too, one they’ll share with their kids. I come to your site for love and light, your stories are needed to balance out the all the dark stuff. Thank you…

  2. Darcy says

    Jules — that is so awesome that Snickers is doing so well with you!! I found a baby bird once, but it didn’t go so well!! So, I have sort of been holding my breath for you on this adventure!! You definitely have a special gift!! And you have a pretty great family — ready to build Snickers a pigeon house!!! Can’t wait to see it!

    AND – I can’t wait to see what Snickers looks like as an “adult”!

    • says

      I wasn’t sure Snickers would last, either! Still have a few weeks to go, but I’m hopeful.

      AND–Everyone is excited to see what Snickers looks like as an adult. Mikey’s 4th grade teacher saw him/her today and said, “Wow! I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s actually even uglier in person!” Hahaha. :)

    • says

      I keep them apart because of the risk of infection and because I want Snickers to be able to adapt as easily as possible to life in the wild when they time comes.

  3. Danielle says

    soo happy to hear Snickers is doing well! :) and I’m happy to report from Detroit that I was able to access your site! yay!

    • says

      Yay! It was touch and go for a while today, and I didn’t know about the power problems. I seriously was about to have a nervous breakdown thinking it was another problem with my site.

  4. SusanG says

    So wonderful! I am awed by your devotion to making this work. But I might have to agree with the Mister – ugly branches. :)

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