The William Morris Project: 2014 | The Boys’ Closet

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We cleaned out the boys’ closet again, but it went faster than ever before. The only plus to purging and cleaning regularly, I suppose. It only took a few hours, but the Mister still thought that was a crime against humanity. There was grumbling. I could only stare at him and use my magical Wife Eyes to suggest that a few hours is far shorter than the days and days and days it has taken me in the past.

I found a motherload of good church shirts and coats that I was able to give to a friend with a son a couple of years younger than Nico. The rest of the items are play clothes, and they are going to the school donation program. I wanted to put in an additional clothing bar, but the Mister doesn’t think it’s necessary. I disagree. I think it would make it easier for the boys to hang their clothes, so we’re still in negotiations. We had enough room that I removed the shoe rack you and returned all the shoes to the shoe drawer. It’s a tight fit, but there are three pairs of shoes I can donate. I couldn’t do it then because Nico was there and parting with flip-flops is his Sophie’s Choice.

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  1. Dana says

    I just purchased a hanging clothes rod that just hooks over your existing rod. Double the space with no commitment or drywall damage. Target, Container Store and Walmart all sell them for anywhere between $8-30.

  2. LauraC says

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, closets! Over Christmas I was scheming what to do because our kids have one dresser and *surprise* they’re outgrowing it. We got it before Jonathan was born, and Sophia was still in 2T, so lots of space. Now Jonathan’s in 4T and Sophia’s starting to wear 8 (super tall, she’s 6!), and the dresser is not cutting it. Not wanting to buy another one, and knowing they have a TON of unused closet space (10 ft by 2.5 ft closet with a 2.5 ft door on one end, oh yeah), I was determined to come up with a solution. Two $35 plywood sheets later, I think I did. We’re going with two floor to ceiling cubbies with two rod spaces for each. Josh started cutting last night, I’ll be on paint duty, and hopefully it’ll turn out like it is in my head! Ha! (You can tell your husband you’ve got another member of Team Two Rods. 😉 ) Oh, and Josh has also started replacing our entire electrical panel (1940’s house), so we’re not busy at all, nope.

  3. Jenn says

    “magical Wife Eyes”. Ha! My younger son doesn’t mind helping with closet reorganizing, but my husband and older son quietly make themselves scarce. I think it works better for all of us!

  4. Kim says

    Maybe a good solution for an additional bar is one of those expandable closet rods at Walmart. We did this in our boys’ bedroom and yes, they definitely hang their clothes up more often than not. It’s easy to put together and I think it was around $10 or so – very affordable. Hope that helps!

  5. says

    I vote yes on the second clothes rod- one of the ones you hang on the first rod like Dana said. My kiddo wouldn’t have enough space in her closet without one- and she hangs up her clothes! Win!

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