Stuff Nicholas Says, Vol. 5

On radio programming

“Ah, man. Come on! When is it going to be time for AC/DC?”


On picking the perfect set of Legos

“That one is nice, mama, but I’m looking for something epic.”


On persistence

“Mama, have you seen daddy? I need to ask him a question. It’s the same question I asked you, but you said ‘no.'”


On badges of courage

“What the?! Mama, my band-aids look like a backwards number 7! HOLY COW I LOOK AWESOME!!!


On misbehaving

“I don’t know why I keep doing the wrong things I know I’m not supposed to do. I think there is something wrong with my brain that is making me do them. So, that’s why it’s not my fault and I should still get to play Legos.”

Jules Kendall writes about books, family, and easygoing simplicity.


  1. Susan G says

    I am determined at least once this year to look at myself in the mirror and think “HOLY COW. I LOOK AWESOME!!!” There it is – my first actual resolution. :) If it takes bandaids on the face to accomplish that, so be it.

    LOL at the persistence – you’re a lawyer so you can understand why I call this “forum-shopping.” I don’t get it much at home now that the girls are older, but it happens at work all the time!

  2. says

    I love those boys and the things they say. Profound, really. I mean look how we tend to grow up and lose our belief in the ‘epic’ bits of life!

  3. says

    Ha! Since my husband and I are both lawyers we lecture the children on the evils of forum shopping all the time. And we should all strive for “epic.”

    My children are currently discussing how long ago the Vikings and the pirates were alive…the consensus is that the Vikings were *really* long ago, like the 1960s, but the pirates were in 1974.

    • Susan G says

      Lisa – my husband and I are also both lawyers. My children sometimes think it’s a special kind of h*ll to have two lawyer parents, as even the simplest of questions can turn into long and involved discourses on what things mean and what is ambiguous and what is not. :)

  4. jeanne says

    Jules, re the bible and catechism study–did you purchase it? I looked at your link of the pamphlet. . .am interested in doing it….maybe. Thank you!

    • says

      I’m using the bible I received on my confirmation (so, it’s 25+ years old) and a CCC that I bought at a bookstore. I’m only using the pamphlet from that site. Can you buy something there? I didn’t notice that!

    • Rebe says

      Just as an FYI you can access the bible and the Catechism through the vatican website: www dot vatican dot va. For me it’s not ideal because it’s reading online and I do so much of that already that I prefer paper, but in case it works for you, I thought I would share. :-)

  5. says

    Funny, that line on misbehaving is almost identical to a thought that the character Max had last night in the book “The Wild Things” by Dave Eggars. I’m certain Nico’s behavior could not compare to Max’s behavior though!

  6. LauraC says

    Aww, love these posts. Romans 7:17-25 sprang to my mind when I read “On Misbehaving” If you read it from The Message (check it out online from it’s a good paraphrase/translation. I usually read NIV so it’s a nice shake-things-up for me. I’m just saying I feel for him, completely understand. As an aside I totally want to encourage you in your Bible reading. It’s always my goal to read through it once a year (not hard at all 3-4 chapters a day) but I’ve done it exactly . . . once. Hopefully this year I’ll double that.

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