Stuff Nicholas Says, Vol. 4


On self expression

“Oh, no, mama. This is exactly what I want to wear. I look fantastic.”


On outerwear

“Mama! MAAAAMAAAA! Mama. Mama? Mama! You know how I was outside playing for a really long time? I just saw that I’m not wearing any pants! IS THAT SO CRAZY?!”


On productivity

“I’m not wearing any socks in my cowboy boots. I wanted getting dressed to go fast.”


On homework

“I can’t handle kindergarten! The letter Y is impossible.”


On kickball

“Mikey, you know that boy in 1st grade that looks like Danny in kindergarten but isn’t Danny in kindergarten because he is the boy in 1st grade? He kicks like thunder.

Jules Kendall writes about books, family, and easygoing simplicity.


    • says

      I saw him outside (in the backyard) playing and wondered why he was in his underwear. I just figured he was being Nicholas. Little did I know he had NO CLUE he was only wear underwear.

  1. Hazel says

    My son would have thought that outfit looked pretty cool at that age!

    It was about that time that he needed to put trousers on with no underwear- possibly he’d been paddling in his pants (underwear- British!) and they’d got wet, but whatever the reason he was not happy about it.
    I reassured him and said he could just go commando.
    “But I don’t WANT to be a tomato!!”
    Nearly 10 years later, it’s still ‘going tomato’ in our house.

    • says

      He is really good with numbers. Memorizing them, adding/subtracting, etc. Since I happen to think people who can think with numbers are exceptionally creative, I think you’re right. :)

  2. Jasi says

    lol the last one is my favorite. and the picture. my boy is like that, with very practical outfits built for speed. 😉

    • says

      That outfit he is wearing was for playing football. He came rushing out the door screaming, “I’m ready! I’m ready!” and joined my stunned husband and Mikey.

  3. says

    Love those boys of yours!

    “Kicks like thunder” . . . so literary! And “the letter Y is impossible,” LOVE! Now that he mentions it, it could also be applied to the question why. It’s a question I’ve mulled on more than one occasion the last couple years. Now I’m just gonna say, “the letter Y is impossible,” roll my eyes, and move on . . .

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