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There are dishes in the sink and the house is a mess. I’m feeling a bit twitchy. While I am tidying up, I’ll be thinking about the following:

  • 3191 is more than visual blogging. When did that happen?
  • Anna is OK. I’m getting there.
  • Thanks to some inspiration from Rachel, I’m back to my real food meal plan: no sugar, no grains, lots of vegetables (8+ cups), one fruit (not counting tomatoes and avocados), and 4 ounces protein per meal (or 1 cup dairy, 2 ounces cheese, 1 cup legumes, etc.). The heartburn disappeared on the first day and the stomach pains disappeared on the second. The crazy need to devour every bread product ever created disappeared on the third day. I don’t know why I insist on believing I can tolerate grains. A long time ago a wise reader once said that grains aren’t for everybody, and maybe I’m that somebody who isn’t everybody. Got that?
  • After 30 days (you know me and my 30 days!) I’m going to start incorporating baked products like crackers and breads, but I’m going to make them gluten-free. Tristan has been telling me to try an elimination diet for years, but I’ve been putting it off. Not smart, since my mom is gluten intolerant and I have a Sid and Nancy love affair with bread and sugar. I spent the weekend reading the archives at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, She Let Them Eat Cake, and The Spunky Coconut in preparation. In the meantime, this Butternut Squash Dip and Dairy-Free Homemade Yogurt is calling my name. There is a non-coconut version, too, for those of you who hate coconut.
  • I have all the ingredients to make this Kale and Mango salad. I can’t wait; I love kale.

And you? Did you find anything interesting online over the weekend?

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  1. Lauren says

    The best gluten free site that I have found is She just came out with a cookbook, written with her husband (a chef). Fabulous recipes and it doesn’t feel like you are missing out on anything!

    • says

      I read that blog, too. It’s great, especially when you want decadent food and recipes created by a chef (Danny). I actually went to Barnes and Noble this weekend looking for their new book, but couldn’t find it. I hear the pizza/cracker recipe is great. The blogs I’ve mentioned above focus on recipes that are have less sugar, which is something I want to limit overall.

        • says

          mmmm. Pasta. :)

          Diabetes. That’s another thing I’m at risk for, given ethnicity and family history. Of course, I’m at risk for type ii, which is completely different from type i. Thanks for reminding me and giving another reason to stay motivated!

  2. says

    Hooray for real food! THANK YOU for sharing your plan a while ago. I’m so glad that I tried it, even if I was only strict for one week. Cutting out all grains for the week made me so much more aware of how I use bread as a crutch in my diet, frequently letting it nudge out foods that are better for me, just because I love it way too much. I’m so grateful for this realization!

    I am still very impressed that you can go completely grain free for long periods of time – you are amazing. Incorporating gluten free food later on sounds like it might be just the thing for you.

    • says

      Thank you! World’s longest reply coming right up…

      A lot of people balk when I say that I went grain free for 6 months and often will tell me that it’s a low-carb/Atkins diet that isn’t healthy. I completely understand where they would get that impression. But, the thing is, if I don’t limit/eliminate grains, I eat them all the time in place of food that is much healthier for me. (Just like in your experience.) I’m lazy when it comes to myself, so I will grab a bowl of rice/piece of bread and cheese instead of making myself a proper sandwich+salad. I seriously could live on bread, brie cheese, and peanut butter cups. Don’t get me started on ice cream.

      As for the Atkins comparison, maybe. Maybe not. If you compare my meal plan to the way Atkins is supposed to be done, there are similarities. The key differences are that I don’t eat as much protein (average Standard American Diet serving of protein is 12 ounces) and that I don’t eat fake foods (shakes, bars, meal replacements) or fake fats. I don’t replace bad foods (peanut butter cups, chips, bread) with low carb versions. Also, I eat many, many, many more leafy greens and vegetables. Although, to be fair, if you read the most recent edition of Atkins and follow it to the letter, they have you eating 6-8 cups of vegetables a day.

      When I eat this way, I am clear-headed, energetic, and, most importantly, not in pain. For some reason refined products like bread and pasta give me terrible heartburn. Does that stop me from eating them? Nope. Ergo, the need to step away from them for a while. Heartburn is more than an inconvenience. I had heartburn so bad when I was pregnant w/ Nicholas that I developed erosions in my esophagus. That puts me at risk for esophageal cancer. It’s no joke.

  3. says

    Hey! Thanks so much for linking to my blog and recipe! I am quite sure you will LOVE the dip – if I do say so myself :) I love the name and look of your blog! Ya just can’t go wrong with pancakes and fries. I’ll be back.

  4. says

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I actually just posted about my pledge to go ten days without any sweets. It definitely isn’t thirty days, but I felt I wouldn’t stick to it if I made it longer. If it goes well, then I may try to keep it going. Like you said, those things that cause us to lose our self-control can be such a crutch in our quest for health.

    Hope it goes well and I look forward to reading your updates along the way.

    By the way, I just found your blog and I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. K. says

    Jules – I’m a new reader of your blog and I’m really interested in the dietary changes you’re making. I want to do the same and would love to hear more about your journey. Keep up the good work!

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