Day 94

Wednesdays are my easy days. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and even most Fridays have after school activities that keep me busy until early evening. Judging by the way I just spent the last two hours, I need to be busy.

I made dinner. I went on a two second walk. Then, I spent 300 hours on the internet. I can’t even tell you where I went or what I saw because it’s all an brain-numbing blur. It started off with a text from a friend mentioning Pepsi and Kendall Jenner. “Obviously I missed something,” I replied. Then, I googled.

From there I read articles about the photographs of Ieshia Evans and the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, which lead me to an article about the latter’s sale to China and what that might mean.

Somehow, inexplicably, this led me to Tavi Gevinson. Do you remember her? Years ago she was the 12 year old intellectual fashion blogger who liked to make herself look as ugly as possible (her words) as some sort of feminist statement. (I always thought she was the inspiration behind this cute young adult novel.) She later started the popular online magazine, Style Rookie. She’s 20 now, but published recently a painful, uncomfortable-to-read diary entry on the end of her relationship with an older man on her 18th birthday. Naturally, I had to figure out the name of the older man, who I assumed was a quasi-celebrity. Answer: here. Reading that post got me reading about Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, which then lead to marriage tips from celebrities.

I didn’t click on the celebrity marriage tips link. Every fall has a bottom, and my bottom is above “marriage tips from celebrities.” That doesn’t say much, I know.

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