Yay! (The Weekend + Monday)

Day 63, 64, and 65 of walking

Mikey won first place for his subject (science) at the Academic Junior High Decathlon! The student I coached in literature also placed 1st! Yay!! Our school didn’t place high enough as a team to move on to state, but that’s A-OKAY with me. I’m thrilled to see six months of work come to an end.

The picture in the middle is in front of my neighbor’s house. Of course she pulled up while I was taking it. I played it off and said I took the picture because her beds was so pretty. It is pretty–I wouldn’t have taken the picture otherwise–but my aim was to document my walk. The thought of trying to explain how I track my walks seemed like way too much effort, so I complimented her on her beds and pretended to be surprised when she told me it was just cheap lantana.

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  1. YAY! That’s a lot of hard work put in- congrats on the wins!
    Laughing about trying to shrug off why you’re taking a photo. I have been caught doing the same and have no idea why I feel awkward just saying ‘I enjoy this every day on my walk..’ or whatever.

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