Day 66 of walking

Years ago, after our fourth failed attempt at getting something to grow in our narrow side planters, I told the Mister to plant Easter lilies. I noticed that midcentury homes in our area with original landscaping all had Easter lilies in the north-facing beds. It worked out well. The Easter lilies require little to no upkeep.

The Easter lilies will bloom right before Easter, and that got me thinking on my walk about how amazing it is that Easter lilies come up right before Easter, which got me thinking about the history of words and how God provides us what we need when we need it. For example (I was still thinking), when we are most susceptible to colds and flus, citrus is in season. The watery fruits of summer keep us hydrated. This got me thinking that everything and everyone has a purpose, which then got me thinking…wait a minute…those are Calla lilies, not Easter lilies. Bummer.

The post I was writing in my head as I walked crumbled like a house of cards. “Stick to the story about why we planted lilies,” I thought.

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  1. I’m glad I checked back here – I’ve missed your regular postings. I recently went plant based (from a standard american diet) and have brought my husband and children along for the ride (mostly – they still eat cheese/yogurt). I don’t know why, but I always think of Nico when I’m trying to convince my oldest child that he will not die from lack of bacon consumption.

  2. “…wait a minute…those are Calla lilies, not Easter lilies…Bummer.”

    Classic Jules. Wow, it is so good to hear your “voice” again.

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