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I received an award from the Diocese for my “contributions to American life and the Catholic Church.” Hah! I push kids to read books, but I’ll take it. I joked with the Mister that I got the award because they couldn’t give me a parking space. 🙂

What made the night special is that my eighth grade teacher, who is now the superintendent of schools, presented me with the award. I hope she realizes what an impact she had on me so many, many years ago.

I wore this dress from Land’s End, which I bought in December for work. It came in the mail the day I found out about the award, and it looked like something I could dress up with jewelry and shoes. I put it aside just in case I didn’t find anything else that worked. I tried on 340 different outfits, bought several, and even went to my mom’s house in search of a black shawl to wear with the little black dress I bought for the occasion–my first black dress in years that didn’t have color, dots, etc. Fifteen minutes before we were supposed to leave, I pulled out Ol’ Red and immediately felt more like myself. I’m not cool enough to pull off all black. I tried, I really did, but when I looked at myself in the mirror (black dress, black shawl, black tights, black shoes) I looked like La Llorona. Forget the award ceremony, take me to the river so I can drown some kids!

Screenshot 2016-02-07 19.34.30

In other news, Mikey, looking very much like a slouchy tween here, is the table for Current Events/Academic Decathlon. We’re studying pretty hard around these parts. I think 6th grade is a bit too young to table for Academic Decathlon, but he earned it and the 7th grader on Current Events dropped out after the first week. Oh well. We’re also going to church, driving from here-to-there, adapting to new school/work schedules, getting ready for an accreditation visit, looking forward to Lent, and reading lots of books. Life, basically.


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