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I made a mistake with my last CSA box. I ordered 4 units of bok choy. I thought I was ordering 4 heads of bok choy. Incorrect! I opened up my box and found 12 heads of quasi-cabbage. There aren’t enough recipes in all of Pinterest to deal with that much bok choy. I’m tempted to go on a walk and find a homeless rabbit. You know my walks; it could happen.

Good thing I’m eating healthier. Today I’m 16 days sugar and flour free, which means I have plenty of room for vegetables in my diet. I feel much better overall and my face hasn’t looked this good in years. Today I left the house without makeup and no one asked me what happened or if I was okay. 

I’m so happy I made the decision to buckle down and commit to my diet. I’m so bummed eating sugar and flour is so bad for me. I’m still waiting for someone to publish a dietetics study that definitively proves that sugar, fat, and caffeine is the human race’s perfect diet.

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  1. Boy, does this post resonate with me. I’m day 2 of no sugar or flour and I know it’s the only way for me to break the crazy, truly crazy food addiction. “I’m still waiting for someone to publish a dietetics study that definitively proves that sugar, fat, and caffeine is the human race’s perfect diet.” Sing it, sister. I’m a fairly long time reader and I hope to start commenting regularly. Your blog is great.

    • Yes, for me it’s the only way as well. People who are able to moderate themselves don’t understand this, but it’s like telling an alcoholic to have just one drink. I can do that with most food, but not sugar–not long term. I start off okay (like any good addict) but then the next thing you know, I’m drinking my breakfast (blended coffees aka ice cream) and eating donuts (school bake sale) or cookies or ice cream or or or…

      I used to never be this way, either! I was never a fan of sweets until I had the boys. Before then, I was always a chips and salsa girl.

      p.s. Have you given up sugar before? Day 4 nearly killed me. The withdrawals…my God the withdrawals….

      • Oh yes indeedy. Day 4 have mercy. This is not my first attempt, but I need to do something now. In 2003 I lost a substantial amount of weight on a low carb eating plan and felt great. I believed in it so much that I opened a low carb/sugar free retail store. This was just as Atkins was being vilified in the media and all of the big box stores started carrying some of the products. As is the case with many small businesses, we couldn’t compete. Like you, I can’t just have a little. I’ve spent 10 years trying to get back to the place where I just felt normal again. To be honest, your post a while ago on OA made me cry and look to see if there were meetings in my area, because everything you wrote rang true. I’m not sure I’ll go, but some life events have happened lately that make me think there’s got to be a way to break this cycle and I need to enjoy the life I have, not be constantly ashamed or consumed with thoughts of the next sugar hit.

        • Yup! I’m back in program. I simply can’t do it alone. I’ve tried–and if you’ve read my blog you know that there isn’t much that can keep me from doing something I commit to. But food? Totally powerless. All my control and willpower becomes a figment of my imagination.

          p.s. Program sucks, but it’s awesome in the end.

          • well, you’ve certainly given me food for thought…… (I know, groan..) I’m a huge introvert so it’s going to take some time to percolate and then I’ll probably just go for it.
            Thanks for the conversation.

  2. Ugh. The no sugar thing is so hard! I’m always stopping and starting sugar strikes, its a mess, but I always feel better when I’m off the junk (and I looove the junk). This isn’t a plug or anything but have you heard of Prescribe Nutrition? I did a few of their programs in the spring and they were really helpful and inspiring. Its like having a nutrition coach for a fraction of the price.

    On the bok choy: you can totally freeze it to use later! here’s a helpful guide: http://brooklynfarmgirl.com/2014/06/20/how-to-freeze-bok-choy-without-it-turning-mushy/

    Happy weekend!

    • I’ve never heard of Prescribe Nutrition! They look really good. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the link on freezing bok choy. I might have to take advantage of that technique. πŸ˜‰

  3. We see rabbits all the time on our morning green space walks. Wish we could sneak a few leaves to them. I am trying to quit caffeine and alcohol to help with a heart condition that is acting up. Alcohol is pretty easy. My morning can of cherry coke? Not so much.

    • I’m sorry about your heart condition! Funny how alcohol is easy to give up for everyone but the alcoholic. I could never touch a drink again and be just fine. Sugar? Flour? Not eating them again makes me sad if I don’t consider the alternative!

  4. I went off gluten to see if it would help with migraines. It seemed to for about 6 months, and then they started coming back. When they were back to regular levels, I went back on gluten. I missed wheat so much! I think I can be OK with wheat. I know sugar and caffeine are the bigger culprits. I’m finally back on the no-caffeine wagon, and I haven’t had a migraine for a week now. (That’s good for me.) I know I need to look seriously at sugar. πŸ™ I so miss the days when I could eat/drink whatever I wanted and I saw/felt no effects.

  5. We usually use baby bok choy in our stirfrys, and “fried” rice [the recipe I use is supposed to be healthier]. My husband likes to eat chopped bok choy in place of lettuce/spinach in a salad; the last time we had some he added pickled ginger, peanuts, and sesame seeds. You could try using it in place of cabbage in soups, as well.

  6. A second plug for Prescribe Nutrition….I’ve done three of their programs and am doing another that starts Monday. They’re AMAZING. They’ve really changed the way I approach food. The discussion boards are a wealth of information, the recipes are great, and you really feel supported. I’m in no way affiliated with them….I just find them to be full of common sense and tons of good info.

  7. I’m curious – when you cut sugar do you cut all sweetners (honey, maple syrup) and fruit? I was seeing a nutritionist awhile ago and she had me cut even fruit and I just couldn’t do it. I think I could cut sugar and maybe even flour but being told I couldn’t even have an occasional swirl of honey in my tea or raspberries just KILLED me.

    • I can have fruit! More as time goes on. As for sugar, I think that will always be off the table, with the exception of calorie free/fake sugars. Most of the people who have been on the program for a long time don’t use them, or use them very, very sparingly a few times a year or so.

  8. I keep trying to go off sugar and flour, and can be successful for six days….and day 7 I EAT ALL THE SUGAR. Repeatedly. Every time I try. I can’t get past day 7.

    I was recently diagnosed with another autoimmune disorder, and this one can be controlled with diet….a really strict diet. No fruit. No sugar. No artificial sweeteners.No cured meats or fish, very few condiments, no dairy. Basically, no eating anything but green leafy vegetables. I can’t do it. I could give up bread, and lox, and salami, and pickles, and mustard, and all the other thousand things on the list of stuff not to eat….but fruit?? No sugar in ANY FORM??

    I had 8 cavities filled last year. My derriere is….abundant. And I have an autoimmune disease that will supposedly be under control if I give up sugar. I feel like the universe is saying “how many more signs do you need?” And yet I am still eating sugar.

  9. Oh me gosh…did I miss the post about you giving up flour and sugar?! Sugar is in EVERYTHING! I am applauding you right now. I can honestly say I could give up sugar for maybe a day or two, but I don’t think my mind could take the constant scanning of ingredients, etc. to make sure I’m not eating it. I’m kind of an all or nothing gal. How do you do it?!

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