Week 5

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I suppose I should take my walks earlier if I don’t want most of them to look like they’re wearing a gray blanket of doom. Something to think about.

I thought about it. I’ll walk when it’s convenient.

The first picture may explain why I’m raising what I’m raising a baby bird (to be later released). We had unusual winds for this time of year fpr 2-3 days. I assume Snickers fell out of his nest or his nest blew apart. The research I’ve done on pigeons and doves-because birds and day planners are all I think about this week–suggest that they build flimsy nests, leaving them susceptible to winds. That’s just wikipedia. I won’t link to the dozens of bird sites I’ve read since Saturday. Speaking of reading, those of you who are on Pinterest and follow the book club board might remember me pinning this book about pigeons years ago as a potential book club pick. I love books on animals, and this one is so appropriate now that I might see if my library has it. (Hahahahaha. I’ll have to buy it.)

And, hey! Week 5 of daily walking now under my belt. Go me.

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  1. says

    I see pictures! :) Such beautiful sites on your walks. How have I let the coolest summer in decades here in Indiana slip by me and not start walking?!? (When you walked in January, it was easy to say “oh, nice, but I can’t do that”…but now, NO EXCUSES!)

  2. Janine says

    Oh lord, pigeons DO make flimsy nests. When I lived on the top floor of an apartment building in downtown Ottawa, I came home to find that my morning glory seedlings had been pillaged by a pigeon who had torn off the leaves to make a circle of leaves (one leaf deep only!) and had then laid an optimistic egg on the concrete in the circle. AND HAD THEN LEFT THE EGG FOR FOREVER.

    Pigeons, adult pigeons, are irresponsible parents. There, I said it. WE WERE ALL THINKING IT. They just are. What was on my balcony? It looked like BAD FOLK ART. The egg was already freezing cold, the mama never came back, I can’t even. I felt bad for the egg! And I felt guilty for the egg! THANKS FOR NOTHING, PIGEONS!

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