Buddy Beagle

Birthday Boy!

Our Buddy turned 14 years old on July 17th! He’s blind in one eye, can’t really hear, and his back legs are giving him trouble, but he wags his tail when he sees us and he loves his walks. Looooooves his walks. Sure, we only walk 4 houses down the street but he is in his glory walking those 4 houses.

Mikey isn’t dumb. He saw what happened to Buster and he knows 14 years is a long life for a dog. For about a month now he’s been planning a birthday lunch for Buddy at Lazy Dog Cafe. We all thought it was a great idea.

Lazy Dog Cafe

Waiting and watching

We sat outside on the patio. There were dogs at every table, which was awesome. Buddy was content to people/puppy watch while we waited for lunch


Steamed brown rice and grilled chicken! He loved it.

Mikey and Buddy

The birthday boy and his event coordinator.

Birthday Ice Cream

The staff at Lazy Dog Cafe was so, so nice. Buddy was showered with compliments (they aren’t allowed to touch the dogs) and after lunch, they broke the rules a bit and gave him a scoop of ice cream with a candle. I mean, honestly. Buddy was over the moon. When we got home, he walked over to his favorite spot in the family room and slipped into a food coma.

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  1. Caitlin H says

    Aw, Buddy! One of my (3) beagles turns 13 on Friday, and I would love to take her to a place like that–but she’ll have to make do with a special treat and a walk since there’s no place like that around me. She had a cancer scare (she’s fine) earlier this year, so I’m going to celebrate the hell of out her birthday this year and cherish the time we have left. I have to say, the photo on Instragram of your son sleeping with Buddy made me tear up a bit. There is a lot of love there.

  2. Alicia says

    Happy birthday, Buddy! Mikey is so sweet to have planned that for him!

    My dog growing up lived until 16 1/2, so there’s hope for a couple more years with this guy :)

  3. shelley says

    Aww, sweet boys! Happy Birthday, Buddy!
    I follow a rescue organization called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and a lot of their dogs have back end trouble. They have suggestions for things that help. http://bit.ly/1z86VI9

  4. LauraC says

    I heart this post. Just catching up from a few days away and awwww. I second Alicia’s comment; our childhood dog was 16 too.

    And Luther?!!!!! We’ve got the last episode in the first season to watch but last night, episode #5, ???????!!!!!!! Thanks a lot! :(

  5. Stacey says

    Okay, I am typing this with tears in my eyes. I just think you and your boys are awesome. That is all.

  6. Shaina says

    I love this so much. I love that your area has a restaurant for dogs, that Mikey coordinated Buddy’s birthday event, and that Buddy seemed to enjoy it so thoroughly!

    I don’t know what your thoughts are on extra medical for Buddy (I know you’re not the bare minimum kind of dog mom, but I know money isn’t dropping from the sky either), but something to consider if you do have the extra money is chiropractic treatment – if you aren’t already. It works wonders for our dog. It’s the difference between him being able to jump up on the couch and not being able to (among other things). Once we got the kinks worked out, he moved to a 3-month appt instead of monthly. Ours charges $55 a visit.

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