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Sax Night

Sax Night

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig



++ We really thought we would have to put down Buddy last week. I was in a panic because Mikey’s birthday was on Thursday, and who wants to remember their 10th birthday as the birthday his dog died?! We took Buddy to the vet and he believes he is fine. His cough will never get better, and what’s important is if he is in pain or suffering. He’s doing neither. Since then, the Mister started taking him on walks down the street, about 4 houses down, and that seems to be enough for him. Between the very brief walk and Buttercup, he seems to be doing much, much better. One day I will have the strength to write about Buddy since Buster died. It hasn’t been easy for him.

++ Finally, finally, finally the hummingbirds are here! You know what it took? My old hummingbird feeder. They hate the feeders I bought that were designed by “the experts.” The songbirds hate their feeder, too. They will only eat by the feeders I bought years ago.

++ Mikey turned 10 on Thursday! After swim team try-outs, we went to my mom’s for birthday dinner and cake. (Pie–from Stater Bros–because I forgot to make it (!) and it tasted like a chemical crap storm.) On Friday he had his two best friends spend the night. His request was a birthday dinner at a club where they have a monthly saxophone player.

++ My fiddle leaf fig now scrapes the top of my 8 foot ceilings! It was 5 feet tall when I bought it two years ago. The bottom leaves are looking a little dry and brittle, but the top is looking great.

++ I bought so many houseplants on Friday. I’m up to 14, which is still down from my high of 20-something. I also finally bought orchid pots and repotted the orchids in proper soil. We’ll see if that gets them to bloom next year.

8 Responses to “Weekend Highlights”
  1. Jeannej says:

    Chemical crap storm — love it! Can even taste it!

  2. Marian says:

    I laughed at the phrase “chemical crap storm” :) It reminded me that in the early days of our marriage my husband and I would often devour – just between the two of us, and in the span of a weekend – an entire McCain’s Deep n’ Delicious pie (or cake). It was SO good back then, but that was in our heady days of eating processed everything, before it even occurred to us to read labels. I wonder what it would taste like today…

    Houseplants :) In my opinion, houseplants and books turn a house into a home. I have a fair number of plants too, but am currently having troubles with mealybugs. Not fun!

  3. Susan g says:

    Can’t do house plants due to one of the feline branch if the family who chews on them and then throws up in some inconvenient spot. So glad to hear Buddy is ok. His pictures get right into my heart.

  4. Buddy was my best childhood dog’s name!

  5. HeatherL says:

    Aww, love that Mikey wanted to see a sax player on his birthday!

  6. Samma says:

    Just a quick caution about your orchids, which are looking great btw. Phalanopsis are prone to something called crown rot. Basically, if water builds up in the crown (where the leaves orignate) it can cause rotting to quickly kill the plant. So a lot like african violets, they’re happier if you water them from the bottom. If water builds up, you can put a rolled up toilet paper sheet to suck it out.

    • Jules says:

      Great tip, thank you! I bought orchid pots for them this weekend, and you water them from the bottom. That should, hopefully, help me avoid the crown rot! :)

  7. Sarah B. says:

    Happy birthday to your boy! I’m glad the dog is doing better. I am jealous of anyone who can get house plants to grow – I kill them instantly, every time! Yours are amazing.

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