Discussion on Thursday

Buttercup and Buddy

Hello! Look at me, being on top of things and organized. This post is to remind those of you participating in book club that our discussion of Eating Animals is this Thursday. I don’t even know where to start with this one, so it should be interesting.

Buddy and Buttercup get along quite well. Buttercup is a dream. I never knew birds were so affectionate, so loving. I post pictures of her daily on Instagram (I’m @TheMrsKendall), which I’m sure annoys some people. Good thing I don’t care! We love her very much.

See you June 5th!

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  1. says

    Cockatiels are the best. We started out with two, and allowed them to have four babies before my mother finally started throwing away their eggs. All 6 of them were wonderful family pets, and I look forward to my children getting a little older so they can help share in the responsibilities of caring for them.

    Also, you just reminded me that I never installed Instagram on my new phone, so I better get to it now that I have a working camera on my cell! Will be following soon :)

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