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I’ve been a funk since January. I haven’t been walking. I’ve been tired. I’ve had trouble keeping up, focusing on even the smallest things. But this Monday I got an urge and I went on a walk. It was 8:00pm and I almost didn’t go. The next day I went on a walk around 7:00pm. Like the day before, I went because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to. The same thing happened on Wednesday and then again Thursday. Four walks in four days, which is more than anything I’ve done since February. I’ve missed the me that had energy to do things for herself. I’m happy she might be back.

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  1. says

    I’m happy for you!
    I find that taking a walk is the best thing I can do to improve my day, even if it doesn’t sound appealing at the time (or sometimes even during the walk). I’m pretty agitated if I don’t get to go once I get into a groove. Love all your flower photos. I take similar ones, but they are totally different flowers here in MI :)

  2. says

    I start every school year with earnest intentions to take care of myself, so that I’m better able to give to the others it’s my job to give to. I usually do OK (mostly) until the holidays hit. I recover a bit over winter break, and FEEL how much better it is when I can get some rest and exercise. Then I slam into January, with its short days, cold weather, and many, many demands at work. I start to let me go because it feels as if I have no choice. Maybe I don’t. By May, every educator I know is hanging on by their fingernails, just trying to keep from slipping off the edge of their work and personal life. Sharing this not to be depressing, but to let you know that you’re not alone. It’s really hard to do a good job with kids every day, take care of your family, and take care of yourself. If you figure out how, please do share! :-)

  3. Samma says

    Good on you! And, yay bonus Agapanthus in bloom. I miss SoCal flowers so much. GA spring is beautiful, for sure, but if I was there right now, I’d be running around with my knife snicking calla lillies, agapanthus and bird of paradise and putting them in big glass vases!

  4. Suzanne says

    Good for you! I ran this morning and my adventure took me through a different neighborhood than I usually visit. I saw a bunny, two deer, lots of vibrant flowers and a pool I never knew was there. I hope you enjoy exploring your ‘hood and spot some new sights.

  5. says

    Good to hear you’re getting back to it! I’m excited to re-start my fitness routine this week, now that I’m only teaching 2 classes, and will have a little extra time for longer hikes in awesome places!

  6. judy says

    Please think about getting her a mate. Birds are a community based creature and an article I read when we were considering getting a bird claimed that they very often die of loneliness. people just don’t connect with them the way their own kind does.

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