Buster and The Doctors

Buster, steroids

Buster is doing well. He’s still dying, but he’s comfortable. His appetite is greatly improved since starting the steroids, and he seems to have more energy. His bladder infection is still there, but we’re making do with more antibiotics. It’s a little tiring getting up with him to go to the bathroom, especially since it takes him about 20 minutes to urinate. Lots of stops and starts. I end up going to bed late to let him out one last time and the Mister gets up with him around 5:00am. He’s worth the interrupted sleep.


The boys are now both obsessed with Doctor Who. Nico has a collection of daleks, and they both have sonic screwdrivers. Last week it was “dress as your favorite book character” at school, and Mikey argued that since we have a Doctor Who character encyclopedia, technically Doctor Who is a book character. Flimsy logic, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to put Nico in a tweed sport coat and bow tie. Mikey is the 10th doctor. We tried squeezing him into his Communion suit, but it was way too small. We were able to cobble together an outfit from what he had in the closet. That’s his Communion shirt and school tie!

Doctor Who has now become our family show. Before it was just me and the boys while the Mister found something else to do (work), but eventually he got sucked in like the rest of us. He was dutifully watching an episode with us, The Silence*, when all of a sudden he said, “You know, this show isn’t bad.”

Of course it isn’t! How can you not like a show with quotes like these?

Doctor Who

*Blink remains my favorite episode of all time. So freaky, so creative, so good.

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  1. Vanessa says

    So glad to hear Buster is doing as well as can be expected and you have this time with him.

    As for Doctor Who, the boys look amazing! I so wish I could watch the show. I thought it was too scary as a kid. Recently tried again and No Way! Still too scary… Those statutes that come to life when you’re not looking at them?! Eek! I live in London – do you know how many statutes I pass on an dark walk home from the Tube?! Forget it. Will stick to reruns of Law and Order.

  2. says

    Not even joking, I’m a grown woman and I had a nightmare about the weeping angels not too long ago – they’re definitely the most frightening characters in Dr Who!

    On a separate note, I’m glad that Buster at least has his appetite back, and that he’s comfortable. Poor little guy.

  3. says

    My oldest daughter and I just started watching on netflix. We are in the middle of season 2. I am not happy at all with the choice of the new Dr. He look kinda old, which is mean of me to say, but there it is.

  4. Susan G says

    They look great! I watched all of Doctor Who last year (well – all of it since it came back, not the originals) and was surprised how engaging it is. (In other words, I too got sucked right in!) But Blink – WAY too scary and it’s the only episode I did not watch – I tried but couldn’t. Silence is a good one – and that doctor up there? My absolute favorite!

    • Susan G says

      Oh – but more importantly, I’m glad Buster is having good days with you (and vice-versa). Thank you so much for the update.

  5. Erin says

    What fun! Your boys look so handsome.
    I’m thinking of allowing my 3 boys to watch Doc Who, but I’m wondering if you have an age recommendation and what season/episodes to start with.
    PS glad to hear Buster is doing well

  6. Beverly says

    I’m happy to hear Buster is doing well. :)

    I’ve always wanted to watch Dr. Who, but am confused about all the seasons and where to start. Where would you recommend starting and/or which season did you start on first? Thanks!!

  7. says

    If ever there was doubt that your boys are related, it is completely blown out of the water now. They make very handsome Dr. Who’s.
    Have been thinking about Buster, and giving my Monty extra love and cuddles (although he’s a young pup). So glad that Buster has you guys, it is good to have a loving family, especially one that will wake and wait with you during long trips to the potty.

  8. Debbie says

    I’m glad Buster is doing better. He’s lucky to have such a caring family.

    I LOVE Doctor Who!!! My kids and I are avid fans; we even watched back before the new series started in 2005. My husband and I started watching the old classic series with Tom Baker back in the late 70s on our local PBS station. (Ok, now you know–I’m old. My “kids” are now in their 30s!)

    Ok, now I’ll stop gushing about the Doctor! :)

  9. Mary says

    There are Doctor Who novels, so I think it counts! I have read several of the 10th doctor ones and they are pretty good. Your boys would probably enjoy them. Adorable costumes!

    Sorry about Buster. He is lucky to have you guys caring for him!

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