Ash Wednesday and The Library for Easter

Easter Library, 1

Easter Library, 2

I didn’t realize until after I was almost done decorating the library for Easter that it isn’t until the 3rd week of April this year. That’s okay! This gives me more time before I have to think about decorating summer, which I swear won’t be much since we’ll only have 6 weeks left of school. I stuck to the 99¢ Only Store except for a few items. The flowers are recycled from the fall, this time with tulle ribbon. I tried to get ribbon I could use for Valentines, Easter, and summer. I don’t love the color, but it’s hardly worth throwing my hands up in the air over a funky looking fuscia. The Stations of the Cross cards are from The Bookworm. I printed them on photo paper and glued them to clothespins so they would stand upright. If you decide to do the same craft and use photo paper, go easy on the glue because it soaked through to the image and caused some color bleeding. The “He Is Risen” print is a free download from Heidi Stock. I put it in a frame I bought for the Valentine print I made. The frame is a $6 clearance item from Michael’s. I think the original print inside was of a bowl of fruit or an innocuous bouquet of flowers. Each season I try to find or create a print I can fit in the frame. Super easy, super cheap, and the kids look forward to seeing what I put in next.

I also have hanging from the ceiling paper lanterns, signs, and honeycomb balls of various sizes. It’s…ridiculous. Garish. Phenomenally twee. The kids loves it.

I’m surprised by how much the kids like the decorations. Not all of them–some really don’t care and some are horrified. I had one 7th grade boy almost recoil in terror when he saw the library decorated for Valentine’s.

“Oh, God,” he said, wincing and shaking his head. “This looks so…so…foo-foo romantic.” The girls defended me.

Whatever. It looks awesome. You’re just a guy and have no appreciation for pretty things.”

“Well, yeah. That’s what I just said.”

“Okay, what you just said makes no sense.”

“None of this makes sense!”

Others like to ask me where I bought this or that. The assumption, oddly enough, is that I make everything. I’m flattered, but I have no idea how they can think I know how to mold plastic into bees and butterflies that glow technicolor at the flip of a small switch.


Mikey and Nico noticed how differently I decorate the library and our home. They wanted to know why I didn’t put up holiday decorations at home. Sigh. I went back to the 99 Cent Store and bought some garlands. They love it; they think the eggs look like Minecraft swords or axes, but cut out.?.to be honest, I have no idea what else they said. I heard “Minecraft” and it’s like the hand of God reached inside my brain and pressed Ctrl-Alt-delete.

Ash Wednesday is this week, and I still haven’t decided what I’m going to sacrifice for Lent. I thought of doing an internet fast, but I’m blogging so little as it is that I’m afraid I’ll have trouble coming back if I stop. It’s a similar problem I’m having right now resuming my daily walking. I seem to have fallen into an every other day habit. I don’t like it. I asked the boys what they planned on giving up for Lent, and Nico said, “Definitely not chocolate or video games. I’d like to give up showers.”

“Try again,” I said.

“I’m giving up farting,” Mikey said.

Nico snapped his head in Mikey’s direction, his eyes wide with shock and the Legos in his hands forgotten. “Dude,” he said. “You’ll never make it.”

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  1. Jeannej says

    Laughing out loud at Mikey’ Lenten sacrifice and Nico’s response. Hilarious. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with a coworker about 20 years ago. We are both Catholic and decided that if God was all-knowing , all-loving, etc , He was also all-funny. He’s laughing at this one! Decorations look great. Remember those days of decorating the house (when I had more energy).

    • says

      I wish I had more energy and more money! (I’d have more money if I didn’t spend it all on the library.) I kept it very, very simple at home. $10 at the dollar store and done.

  2. Susan G says

    OMG. Can’t.stop.laughing.

    Oh yeah – and the decorations look great! Just overshadowed by that conversation between your boys. 😀

    • says

      My husband and I were still laughing about that conversation hours later. Especially the way Nico talks–he sounds like a frat-boy football player sometimes.

  3. Amy says

    I am fairly certain that the phrase ” it’s like the hand of God reached inside my brain and pressed Ctrl-Alt-delete.” is on my top-10 list, now. Well done.

    I traditionally give up TV for Lent. It is definitely difficult but I suppose that is the point – it being Lent and all. The first year I did it, I found that I didn’t really miss watching endless hours of The Real Housewives of everywhere and was so much more productive. Sewing projects that had been sitting on my machine for 6+ months – I now had the time to attack them. Books that had piled up on my nightstand, finally being read! My husband also benefited from it – he could watch all the soccer his heart desired without any groaning from my end of the couch. I suppose, a win-win for all.

    I love your boys’ suggestions for what to give up. I wish more people would offer to give up farting. 😉

  4. says

    How about we go out for a walk today. What time works for you?

    I love the idea of Lent, although I’m not religious. Reflection, atonement, almsgiving, and self-denial are all things I could use in my life right now. Maybe it is time to volunteer with the kids, give something back to our community. It is as good any to get on track food-wise.

    Anyhow, love your boys and your wit. What a great start to this rather dreary Vancouver Monday.

    • says

      I’ve been out all day and just got back. My husband is traveling again, and my time management is piss poor. Tomorrow I need to look at my schedule, I think, and start planning my walking times out in advance.

      • says

        That’s alright, I snuck out for a lunch time walk, with the thought that it would provide a clearer head and motivation to complete a project I’m procrastinating on… FAIL! I did manage to push the project aside, and start working on a new one. Oh, and look, I’m procrastinating now.

        Synchronized walks, two people walking 2000+ km apart, two different countries – it could be interesting, and throw a little Monty Python silly walk in there for good measure (no pony walks for us).

  5. LauraC says

    Oh, I think it’s great they want you to decorate home/their room like you do the library. That means they notice and appreciate what you do. And that last paragraph, priceless.

  6. Michellejeanne says

    You need to give up NOT walking. seriously.
    I am not giving anything up. I am adding something – haven’t decided exactly what yet, but that is my plan.

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