5 Responses to “Sundays”
  1. I know how disappointed I would be, if I knew my children worried all the time. Disappointed, sad and discouraged {for them}. I know the Lord must have those same feelings, when I spend precious moments He gifted me, thinking about things that can’t change.

    Good reminder, Jules. Thank you.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, geez. I have tried to claim this verse as my own; alas, I fail miserably in the application. As a matter of fact, in the last couple years, I’m fairly sure I’ve shaved off a good few hours of my life. . . all from worry.

    Funny thing is, I know from experience, I’ll look back one day and see how silly it was to fret.

  3. I heard the most eye-opening talk by Francis Chan once about how we are commanded not to worry. For the first time, it helped me see my worry as wrong. Before that, I had always thought it was part of my personality, one of my traits, just part of being a mom/woman. Hearing that speech really changed my life.

    I still am tempted to worry, but now I see it for what it is and I try not to indulge it any more.

  4. Susan G says:


    I KNOW that worry is wasteful, pointless, and destructive at times. I know that. But it’s hard to make it stop.

  5. Trish D says:

    Our pastor shared a great message on this very passage this past Sunday — just catching up on some blog reading and I’m being reminded again. God’s pretty awesome like that :)

    If you worry about something, you’ve give in control.

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