The vacation was fantastic, but sandwiched between two unfortunate moments.

We were enjoying the scenery just outside Bishop when some random trucker decided to give us a parting gift as we passed him. Thanks, Bergart Trucking from Carson City, NV! Oh, and removing your company from every possible listing service across the nation so no one can get in touch with you? A touch of brilliance!


Luckily we arrived safe and sound and spent the next few days doing a whole bunch of this.

First Swing

Old Pro

Going Down the Slide

Triple Pump


Wind in My Face

Sommer Designs Purse
(Purse everyone stops and asks me about by Sommer Designs)

The other unfortunate moment? That deserves it’s own special post.

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  1. it looks like you guys had a great time! we live in orangevale (sacramento) and tahoe/truckee is one of our favorite places. hope the other unfortunate incident isn’t too bad…waiting while biting finger nails!

  2. Hooray! You’re back. I can finally stop taking those pills.

    A trucker gave me a gift this weekend too on my way back from the farm. This was a special gift though as it continues to grow. Thanks trucker!

  3. Maybe it’s because I just took Nyquil AND ate 1/3 of a tub of ice cream and have entered some kind of coma, but I couldn’t figure out what that picture was at first. “What did the trucker give Jules?” I wondered, coming up with a whole BUNCH of lovely gifts I’ve been given in the past (including one seminaked one).

    Then…AHA! Your poor windshield! So glad it wasn’t worse. Welcome home!

  4. YAY! Welcome back! It’s been really quiet while you were gone.

    Bummer about the windshield crack, Jules. That sucks… Can’t wait for your new post and hearing about that 2nd “parting gift” that you got.

  5. that really stinks about the windshield. it is like you are in seattle. a car w/o a dinged windshield here is as rare species of car. the losers who drive the rock trucks here are too lazy to put the tarps over their rocks. the worst is when it appears the cover is mechanical and probably just requires their flipping a switch. ugh, just talking about it angers me.

    i hope your insurance can cover some of it. our deductible is too high for the one car’s replacement. the other car has rain sensors in the windshield so we haven’t even replaced that one yet since the ding is small.

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