Happy, Happy

There was much to celebrate this week. Let’s get right to it.

:: On Monday I visited the Urgent Care. I paid a nominal copay and received good care in less than an hour. Then, I drove to the pharmacy and paid for my over the counter medicine. When I got home, I fell into my comfortable bed. I woke up every couple of hours because I was in pain, not because I was worried about access to care, money, or a place to sleep. I am blessed beyond measure.

:: To be honest, I don’t remember much of Tuesday. I drank chamomile tea, that much I know.

:: Wednesday defied all expectations. I went to a dinner Jessica hosted for Shutterfly. It was so much fun! I met some incredible women there, and I spoke about myself without passing out, stuttering (much), or whimpering. Also important to note: I drove over an hour to get there (Oceanside) and had to take SR76 at night which, from my part of southern California, is a two lane, windy road with no lights until you reach Oceanside. I barely even thought about all the vampires and serial killers waiting for me in the bushes. I was concentrating more on the man tailgating me the entire way back and made sure to give him the Whatever, You Bastard-Side Eye once we hit the 15.

:: My stomach felt really good on Thursday, and I made progress on the boys’ shared room. The best part of Thursday was the present I received in the mail from Rachel. A vintage multiplication card with the right answer, a vintage picture of a birthday cake, and confetti big enough that it won’t get stuck in the cracks of your floors. It’s easily one of my favorite birthday presents, ever.

:: Happy Birthday to me. It’s Friday, and I’m 40.

This weekend is ALL ABOUT ME. Just kidding. It’s my brother in-law’s birthday on Saturday, so we’ll celebrate both birthdays on Sunday. On Saturday I’m having lunch with one of my oldest friends. Should be awesome.

Happy, happy weekend, everyone!


Jules Kendall writes about books, family, and easygoing simplicity.


  1. says

    Me-me-me-me {sorry, it’s still early yet} . . .

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Ju-ules!
    Happy Birthday to you–and Many More!

    Thank you for brightening our days with your words. I can’t wait to see where this decade takes you . . . I have a feeling it’s going to be good.


  2. says

    Happy Birthday! I don’t think I said this yet, but I turn 40 in 2 years and I appreciate your attitude towards that milestone. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Susan G says

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Glad you are feeling better – and yes, that might be one of the best birthday presents ever!

  4. says

    Happy Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing so much here and creating this community–I always look forward to reading! My 40th will be here 6 short months, and now you’ve got me thinking of fun ways to celebrate…

  5. Fairfax Avenue says

    Our Sages say “At forty is discernment (understanding)”. I look forward to what you will share in the coming year! May it be a year of revealed good in all things.

  6. says

    It’s a good, good day. My kids woke me up this morning with tea and homemade marshmallows from Butter (which is way, way too close to my home for comfort). Going for a new pair of shoes later today – who could ask for anything more?
    Hope you’re having a great 40th birthday, it is going to be a fantastic year.

  7. Phaedra says

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful year of fun things and more ‘Happy, Happy’ * love the flashcard. fantastic gift!

  8. says

    Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, they say it’s your birthday…welcome to the club my friend! It’s not that bad. I still feel like a kid and lord knows I act like one;)

  9. Bobbie says

    I grew up in Oceanside! I live in Oregon now, but go home every summer to visit my family. I love that there’s the chance I might get to meet you some day. Happy 4-0! I used the occasion two years ago to order champagne at every opportunity until I turned 41. Cheers!

  10. says

    Happy birthday!

    Guess what? My newborn shares your special day :0)

    Hugs and may God grant you many more blessed years in health and happiness.

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