Discussion! Out of My Mind

How’s this for a small world: my husband’s friend from two jobs ago had Sharon M. Draper as his high school English teacher. I know this because he and I are friends on Instagram and he commented on a picture I posted of me reading the book. They are friends on Facebook! He said Sharon Draper is amazing both as… Read More

July Book Club Pick: Out of My Mind

I wanted to remind everyone that the next book club pick is Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind. I know it’s hard to find the time to read in the summer, but I’m excited to read this book for a few reasons. A fourth grader recommended it to me last year during the weeks I read Wonder. She says that… Read More

In One Person: Discussion!

I finally figured out what bothers me about John Green, and all it took was several years and In One Person by John Irving. Starting a book review by mentioning the dislike of another, entirely different, author may seem strange, but I think it’s fitting for a book like In One Person. The first few chapters of the book seemed… Read More

Eating Animals: Discussion!

There are 24 annotations in my copy of Eating Animals. The passages I highlighted were funny, like when Jonathan Safran Foer described his childhood visits with his grandmother. Growing up, my brother and I thought our grandmother was the greatest chef who ever lived. […] And yet we were wordly enough kids to know that the Greatest Chef Who Ever… Read More

The Phenomenally Indecisive Book Club | May, June, July, August 2014

Let’s do this! After the boring procedural stuff. I’ll pick books 4-6 months in advance. This should give everyone time to get your copy from the library if you are not buying the books. Full disclosure: I will be linking to the books using my Amazon affiliate account. If you are a blogger, librarian, or bookseller, etc., consider signing up… Read More

Book Club

I’ve had a few requests to bring it back. What do you think? Before I do, I’d like to get some feedback on procedure. I like the we read a wide variety of books. Last time, we ended up reading young adult, fantasy, cooking, politics/fashion, mystery, classical literature, science, short stories, dystopian, and much more. We really read almost anything… Read More