Making Candles Fit

I doubt I am am the only knucklehead who is a sucker for antique, brass candle sticks. I can’t resist them. I do better at resisting candelabras, but I saw this faux brass number at Target and couldn’t pass it up. I imagined it full of black tapers for Halloween and into the cart it went. That’s exactly how I… Read More

Quilting and The Life List

A few weeks ago I realized there was still much to do on my life list. The only item I could cross off was “Attend a book signing.” What?! That’s a poor showing for someone who counts making a batch of salad dressing as a life goal. As we get closer to moving the boys into one room (maybe next… Read More

The Craft Cabinet | Summer 2012

I knew The Craft Cabinet wouldn’t turn out half bad when I saw the yellow store front. “At the very least,” I thought, “we’ll give a good first impression.”  Cautious Optimism: My motto in life. Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst: My other motto in life. Salvage Life in Long Beach was an amazing venue. Beth Giles opened the doors… Read More

Experimenting with Color

The world opened up for Mikey when he learned colors can combine to form other colors. He figured this out in his final year of preschool, and for months afterwards he would pick apart the color combinations in crayons, flowers, leaves, and rocks. I thought this might be an obsession singular to Mikey, but when Nicholas learned yellow and blue… Read More

How to Make Cola Bombs (The Easier Way)

I mentioned last week that the cola bombs were the highlight of Mikey’s birthday party. They were so much fun! Cola bombs (aka: Cola Geysers, Mentos Bombs, Soda Rockets, etc.) are easy to make and all over the internet. A few of you asked me last week how we made them, and while I can direct you to the thousands… Read More

DIY and Reusable Party Decorations

Thank you GLAD for sponsoring this post. Learn how you can reduce waste at your next party! Mikey’s first birthday party was the first party my husband and I hosted as a couple, and by that point we had been together for almost 7 years. We had people over for dinner, of course, but never a party. Nothing to celebrate… Read More