The Opposite of Life

I heard about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary via Twitter while my hairstylist adjusted my cape and talked about color. I share this not to dramatically set a scene, but to explain why 15 minutes later a woman walked up to me and asked me if I would like a complimentary hand massage as I sat there crying. She… Read More

About Sundays

My mother collects words the way another woman collects charms on a bracelet. Each one is special, some more than others. Although she writes books–five to date, all of them in Spanish–she struggles when it comes to expressing how she feels. The exceptions are anger and disappointment. Those words roll off the tongue like slick candy. (More like spitballs.) Every… Read More

Getting Ready, Slowing Down

I can’t decide if I’m extraordinarily calm or numb with nerves. The Craft Cabinet is only a few days away; it’s time for me to start cracking on that To-Do list. After that, the count-down begins for the first day of school. We’ll be eking out every last bit of summer vacation until then. Please excuse my infrequent posting until… Read More

Happy, Happy

I started the week determined to make it great. I’m ending it committed to making the next one even better. These are some of the things that made me happy. Saturday we ate sushi and watched The Hunger Games, just as planned. I thought it was an excellent movie adaptation and in some ways more suited to 12-year-olds than the… Read More