Happy, Happy


When your husband is traveling for most of the month (only one week left to go!) and your boys are in several activities, sometimes it’s best to admit you’re overwhelmed.

The boys have swim practice M-F for two hours in the early morning. I’m thankful because we avoid the heat–though I still had to take Nico to the urgent care on Tuesday for dehydration–but it does take sleeping in over summer vacation out of the equation. To top it off, the boys both had choir, piano, and clarinet in the evenings. Last week I cancelled all music activities until September. Yesterday, we skipped swim.

Nothing terrible happened when I admitted I was struggling.

No one was upset with me for cancelling activities. I don’t mean the boys. I mean the instructors.

Sometimes it really is the little things, like cancelling an activity or finding a breakfast both boys love. I don’t know how I came up with this chocolate shake/smoothie, but it’s the one thing the boys will both eat. This is key when you have early morning swim practice. I mix two cups of dark chocolate almond milk (Silk brand), two frozen bananas, 1-2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, and two-three tablespoons of natural unsweetened peanut butter. They’ve been having it daily for a while now, which is such a blessing. Usually I can get them to eat something, oatmeal, for example, for a couple of days before they’d rather starve than eat breakfast.

Little things. Important. Off to swim practice.

Have a great weekend!

Week 2

Week 2

Week 2, b

Week 2, c

Week 2, d

Week 2, e

Week 2, f

Week 2, g

There were a few late nights where I really didn’t want to do yoga in my cramped family room on stinky carpet while Buddy sniffed at me and Mikey and Nico argued about who touched whose piece of lint. On those days, I went on walks. Peaceful, solitary walks. I suddenly fell in love with walking again, so this week I didn’t do any yoga. I think yoga needs to be an early morning activity for me to do it with any sort of regularity. I’m thinking of setting up a little yoga area in my room. This way I can do my yoga first thing in the morning, on hardwood floors, without man or beast driving me nuts.

A few of the days I walked were thick like pea soup. So, so muggy! Horrible. Yuck. I can handle triple digit weather, but humidity is something else. People talk about the fiery depths of hell and how hot it is, but I suspect it’s really central Florida in August. Hell is your shirt sticking to your back.

Listening To: PITBULL featuring T-Pain & Sean Paul

I was in the mood for Latin music this week, so I played Shake Señora by Pitbull. It was my fastest walk this year.

Week 1

Palm tree

I did it! I didn’t do yoga every day, but I exercised every day, and that makes me feel much better about myself. On the days I did yoga, I did it with the boys while the Mister was out of town. It was a lot of fun. Nico provided comic relief, as expected. At one point the woman in the app instructed us to move into a comfortable pose. She meant a lotus position.


I turned around and found Nico had slipped into the Costanza.


Mikey, who at this point was well on his way to earning a PhD in Yoga Perfect Form, just gaped at him with the slack-jawed face of someone who had stumbled upon a baby animal not-quite weird enough to be cute. I did the same, though I managed to stutter a proper noun and three pronouns.


“What,” he said, looking at us like we were the silly ones sitting there with our legs twisted like pretzels. “She said to get into a comfortable pose. I’m comfortable.”

Nico’s favorite poses were the Costanza and corpse. Everything else he barely managed without collapsing into a pile of giggles or complaining that something, somewhere hurt. It was while Mikey and I were trembling in our side plank poses that Nico, deep into a Costanza, positioned the pillow behind his head into a more comfortable position.

“Yoga is easy,” he declared, as Mikey and I collapsed side-by-side on the ground, gasping.

Mikey rolled his sweaty head in Nico’s direction. “Says the guy who isn’t doing anything!”

“I’m doing something!” Nico had the nerve to look offended as he readjusted his pillow. “I’m doing yoga, Mikey.”

On the days that I couldn’t stand to be in the room with the boys one more second, I put on my sneakers and went on a walk. This proved to be a good alternative. The boys got a break from their annoyed mom, and I didn’t put them out with the recycling. Win-win.

The Beginning


I’ve decided that a daily yoga practice will work best for me right now and, if the studies are to be believed, for the rest of my life. I went ahead and bought the Yoga Studio app because it was the one most recommended and had great reviews. I’ll test it out for the next 30 days and report back with my thoughts every week or so. In fact, I might go back to my Monday update posts. That weekly thought journaling, for lack of a better description, was another key to keeping me on track.

I thought this infographic and companion article from the Huffington Post on how yoga changes your body was interesting.

Happy, Happy



beach chairs

Everyone else: HAPPY FRIDAY!

The Mister surprised us with a day off from work and a day at the beach. The boys had so much fun! I was under the umbrella and wore an enormous sun hat since my rosacea medications + sun don’t mix, but it was fun watching them boogie board. Nico was fearless and tore it up. He got in trouble once for trying to go in by himself without telling us. Not cool, especially since directly in front of us was a riptide. Mikey was cautious and at first didn’t want to go in (because sharks). Once he heard about the riptide, he was even more resistant. He had this image of a riptide pushing him out to sea, smack in the middle of a frenzy of sharks. When I explained to him that his dad wasn’t in the riptide section and that he would always be with him, he relented. He had a great time.

Walking on the sand made one thing clear to me: I’m losing all the conditioning I gained walking every day last year. The video in that post still makes me tear up. Why, oh why, am I having such a problem getting back into the routine of daily walks? It’s like once I achieved my 365-day goal, I lost all motivation. This is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen. Ugh! In part, I think it’s because I no longer had to post pictures to instagram, as crazy as that sounds! I asked on my 300 social media channels if there was a fitness app or website that people found motivating. I used endomondo all last year, but it’s become buggy and boring. I would love to try yoga, but like I mentioned on instagram (I’m @themrskendall or @ourbuttercup, but that one is only pictures of Buttercup), I don’t know how realistic it is with the library, the boys’ activities, and the Mister traveling so much. I’m checking out everything recommended and will post my results soon. Below is what people recommended as of 12:17 am. Anything to add?

Yoga Download
Nike Training Club App
THE WALK It’s 40% off right now!

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