Meeting Tarragon

I would like to experiment with seasoning in my cooking. For years I clung to basil. More recently, oregano. I’m on a fast track to parsley at this rate. There was once an episode of Chopped where one of the contestants used herbs and spices the way most people use salt. His meals came out layered like onions. Every bite… Read More

Gardening, Food

Mikey had a swim party at the YMCA over the weekend. As we were walking out, I noticed a missed call from my neighbor across the street. She’s retired and in her 60s, and while we are friendly and talk whenever we cross paths, we aren’t in the habit of calling each other Sunday evenings. I envisioned all sorts of… Read More

Una Picada

I didn’t have it in me to cook dinner on Saturday, so I made una picada instead. Every time we eat like this for dinner we  mumble in between bites of cheese and prosciutto and crackers that we should do this more often. I don’t know why we don’t. A picada (pee-káh-dah) is something to nibble on before dinner or… Read More

Clementine and Date Yogurt Cups

Abstaining from flour and sugar doesn’t mean I abstain from desserts. It means I am opening myself up to new flavors and, overtime, tasting food clearly. Never was this more apparent than when I first went sugar and flour free two years ago. Tomatoes were impossibly sweet. Roasted bell peppers tasted like candy. I’m hoping to cleanse my palate to… Read More

Massaged Kale Salad

I’m over the withdrawal symptoms. Hurray! Just like last time, the worst of it passed on day four. On Sunday night I passed on my own birthday cake with nary a wince. Last night didn’t go as well. The boys were eating Christmas candy from friends at school, and I wanted some even though I don’t like candy. There they… Read More

Food + Foto No. 3: In Defense of Homemade Pancakes

I learned last week one should never post a picture of a carbohydrate without an accompanying recipe. Today my Food + Foto comes with a recipe. (One step forward!) The recipe is for pancakes from scratch. (Two steps back!) Yes, many people are committed to their store bought pancake mixes, and I’ve heard on more than one occasion about mixes… Read More