Breakfast Cookies! (Recipe and Giveaway)

I hit Desperate Mom Mode sometime in October when I realized Mikey and Nico love breakfast about as much as I do. (Not at all.) Of course, they would gladly eat Sugar Pop Chocolate Fruit Loops with Dinosaur Marshmallows every day if I let them, but I don’t let them so they’re out of luck. Occasionally I do find a… Read More

Picky Eaters and Thanksgiving

I’m auditioning at Wayfair again! This time I am writing about the healthiest, sanest way to approach Thanksgiving with picky eaters. It’s a philosophy I learned over the summer, and I’ve found it makes meal times far more enjoyable. Mikey and Nicholas aren’t finicky, thank goodness, but they do go through picky stages. Nico happens to be in one right… Read More

Snacks for Kids

The next two weeks are going to go by at a blinding speed, and by September I will be by myself regularly during the day for the first time in eight years. I’m excited to see how I manage my time. I know I will be volunteering for a month or two at the school library. They don’t have the… Read More

Texas Caviar

The only name worse than Texas Caviar is every other name I tried to come up with as a replacement for what amounts to a spicy bean salad. (Is this even from Texas?) This is a dip we’ve made for about 15 years, and it’s one of those recipes I got from my sister in-law, who got it from her… Read More

A Recipe for Peace and Carrots

On Monday we had our choir party, which was an incredible amount of fun. (Who knew?) I was in charge of bringing a veggie tray for 40 children and their parents. I brought enough tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and mushrooms to feed the entire choir, even though I knew that was aggressive. Like my mother before me, I’m compelled by… Read More

Quick Dinner No. 1

Extra curricular activities can really thwart family dinners. On those days we have late practices and games, I try to come up with dinners that take minutes and require little clean up. This is one of our favorites. I put a large pot of water to poach eggs. (I use this technique.) While the water comes up to temperature, I… Read More