Lent is Coming

In bed, nursing a cold, and reading Simply Gluten Free magazine. I have one ear cocked to hear if Mikey needs me, since he’s worse off than I am. I’m also trying not to be angry at the parents who send their obviously ill kids to school. That last one seems impossible.

I have no idea what possessed me to buy the gluten-free magazine when I was at Sprouts last week. It sat on my counter for a few days because, ugh, gluten-free. It sounds so gimmicky, and I say that knowing that my mom eliminated her chronic pain when she went gluten-free 5 years ago. Still, I hear going gluten-and-dairy-free is great for rosacea. So is eliminating soy and corn, according to my internet medical degree. Several women with rosacea have been telling me to do it for months now, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to ignore their logic and their before and afters. My rosacea is a ton better now that I’m using essential oils, but I still have a way to go.

I’m thinking about going gluten/dairy/corn/soy-free as my Lenten sacrifice. It would certainly be a sacrifice, that’s for damn sure.

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  1. I think Lent might be a great excuse to at least try it out. I'm still not sold on the gluten free thing, but I'm also not rocking any rosacea, so if it could help, then it can't hurt, right?

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I'm thinking about cutting out the sugar (and not replacing with artificial sweetners). I'm not sure which would be harder for me, going gluten free or refined sugars.

  3. I have been thinking of eliminating gluten and dairy for a while because I have MS (and rosacea). So far I've managed to reduce my dairy and gluten consumption (I'm a vegetarian, which complicates matters) but haven't felt ready to really take the plunge. I couldn't add corn and soy though, gluten and dairy would be hard enough. Good luck!

    • I could get through breakfast and lunch, no problem, but making dinner for my family is what concerns me. Especially since we are finally eating one meal after years of adjusting for a dairy allergy and a picky eater. My picky eater has made amazing progress in the past year. When does lent start?

  4. I was really skeptical a few years ago after some friends and family went gluten free. They had a mix of celiac, allergy, and sensitivity to wheat, in particular, and other things, too, like sugar. I read Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly: Total Health both by Dr. William Davis. I recommend both, but the second one more. It really goes in depth to the reasons wheat can be disruptive for many people. I have endometriosis and decided in the new year I am going to try gluten free for a few months to see if it already makes a difference. After a week or two, I can tell the differences already. Now I am going to try to cut down on sugar as well. If you give it a try, it will definitely be a true sacrifice, for it is for me for sure!! As my mom always says with sacrifices, just offer it up! πŸ™‚ Such a true Catholic.

  5. I think its worth a shot. Maybe it is gimmiky but if you feel better doing it then so what……….you love rice dishes so not all hope it lost! I've been seriously reducing the amount of gluten I've been consuming since the start of the year and have noticed two things. First, its a lot harder to get sugar in my mouth w/o gluten as a carrier. I'm not likely to binge on/or have candy/candy bars in the house however baked goods are another story. Since I'm not willing to pay the high prices for gf flours I don't have that temptation around. Second, I don't know that I feel better day to day but I do feel worse after I eat it. For example, we went out for pizza & beer with friends last night (and I didn't want to be *that* friend) and was up all through the night with stomach pains and have achy joints today. πŸ™ Makes me pay better attention to how things are impacting my health. I won't declare myself GF because the thought of life w/o a Parisian croissant is too much to bear. You can do IT!!!

  6. You could do the Whole 30 with me, starting Sunday. You're practically going that direction anyway. You'd have to add grain, booze, and sugar to your list. It'll be fun. πŸ˜‰

  7. Going gluten free can be difficult but if you think about it you are only giving up 3 ingredients…wheat, rye and barley. Sure there are a heck of a lot of food made from those 3 but still only 3. I was diagnosed with celiac about 4 years ago. Honestly wasn't so hard at first, especially with stores like trader joes and whole foods. We cut back on going out to eat that is for sure but I was able to figure out which restaurants could accommodate my dietary restrictions. More and more seem to be offering a gluten free menu these days. My biggest challenge to date has been moving to Southeast Asia. Still trying to figure things out here being gluten free. Best of luck!

  8. I've had rosacea forever and I've never heard any of the above advice. I'm fascinated by it. No one has ever mentioned gluten-free or soy-free. However, if that turns out to work for you, then so be it. Still, if the info source is a magazine dedicated to selling you on the idea of gluten-free… I don't know.

    [FWIW, the best remedies for me, suggested by a MD, have been mild face soap, drink less caffeine/alcohol, and eat fewer tomato-based foods. EZPZ]

    • Oh no, Ally, I would never listen to advice from a gluten-free magazine on something like that. πŸ™‚ I heard the gluten thing a while ago from several people but the one everyone says to do is to avoid dairy. Here is a list from a rosacea site. http://www.rosacea.org/patients/materials/triggers.php

      I do all the above EXCEPT the caffeine, which is on my list, and the tomatoes, which I don't eat enough of to be a problem. My derm gave me 4 medications that ended up tearing my face apart.

    • I've mentioned it in another comment a while back but histamine intolerance could also be a thing you should consider, especially given your medical history (migraine, rosacea, etc). It's also very common in our age group of women around 40.
      This Swiss site is very helpful, perhaps you want to check it out: http://www.histaminintoleranz.ch/en/symptoms.html

      Many greetings from Austria!

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